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Stephen King's The Stand on CBS All Access

Man in the Suit

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Apr 11, 2010
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Before it hits a movie theater near you, Stephen King‘s epic post-apocalyptic novel “The Stand” will take a revolutionary detour to the small screen, as Warner Bros. and CBS Films are nearing a deal with Showtime for an eight-part miniseries that will culminate in a big-budget feature film, multiple individuals familiar with the ambitious project have told TheWrap.

Josh Boone, the “Fault In Our Stars” director who boarded “The Stand” in February 2014, will write and direct the star-studded miniseries, which is expected to start shooting early next year as one cohesive production, according to insiders.

“The Stand” chronicles an epic battle between good and evil after the American population is all but wiped out by a deadly virus. Story follows a group of survivors who fight against an Antichrist-like figure named Randall Flagg.

A miniseries will allow Boone to cover more of King’s epic book than one, three-hour movie. The same thinking was once applied to King’s “Dark Tower” series, which never got off the ground, though “The Stand” offers an ensemble-driven story that may be better suited for a groundbreaking adaptation.

King is expected to be involved in some capacity along with producers Roy Lee and Jimmy Miller, and high-level meetings amongst the filmmaking team are taking place next week to finalize the ambitious multi-platform plan. Top talent agents have already been notified, as Boone plans to set his sights on several A-listers, many of whom have become more interested in doing limited TV in the wake of HBO’s “True Detective.”

Speaking of HBO, while Warner Bros. has a deal with them since they share the same parent company, the network’s involvement was complicated by the fact that CBS Films shares “The Stand” rights with Warners. Since WB is handling theatrical distribution for “The Stand,” it was only fair that the project’s TV component fall under CBS’ deal with Showtime, though no deal is in place yet with the network.

Originally published in 1978, “The Stand” achieved cult-like status by the time it was re-released in 1990 with additions and revisions by King. The influential novel was adapted as a TV miniseries in 1994 starring Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald and Rob Lowe.

Boone will tackle “The Stand” before he turns his attention to Fox’s “X-Men” spinoff “The New Mutants” and Universal’s adaptation of Anne Rice’s “Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles.”

Representatives for Warner Bros. and CBS Films did not immediately respond to requests for comment, while a representative for Showtime told TheWrap “there is nothing to discuss at this time.”
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First, I'd have to ask "Why not just do the whole thing on Showtime?"

But otherwise

WIsh it was HBO because Showtime is pretty wishy washy. But :up:
WIsh it was HBO because Showtime is pretty wishy washy. But :up:

Well, Penny Dreadful and Homeland are pretty great and Dexter was good for a while. I think this will be pretty good.

Also, Timothy Olyphant for Stu.
The only real problem I have with Showtime is that they keep so much of their s*** past their rightful expiration dates. Since this is meant to be a miniseries leading into a movie (though that seems risky in it's own right), I don't think that will be a problem.
Josh Boone On The Stand
Posted: October 17, 2017, 18:50:57
Section: Film » The Stand
Josh Boone just posted this on King's board.

Hi, Josh Boone here. I happened to come across this and wanted to say that I never wrote a draft of The Stand with anything but the ending from the book. You are referring to a draft that preceded me, which I actively worked to ensure never got made because it was in no way an adaptation of the book, just fan fiction. I am still working on The Stand and will be making it next as soon as New Mutants opens in April as a limited series. I've been working on it for four years and I promise you it will be a faithful adaptation of the book with an incredible cast.
I'm not sure if this is true or not, since it originates from the same Tracking Board article where they said some stuff about New Mutants that they said they got from anonymous sources.

If it is true, well, a longer runtime (in comparison to doing 1 or 2 movies, not Showtime) is better. Hopefully it would go better than the previous The Stand, or Stephen King's network tv adaptations in general.
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If true, I'm glad they're not going the film route, because you can't do it justice in just one and I don't think it would benefit from the multi-film approach, but I do wish it was happening on HBO or Netflix.
Welp, looks like it might actually be happening. A 10-hour series makes the most sense all things considered, but there is still part of me that wishes a film trilogy had been made. I'm concerned about it being on CBS, though. It needs the budget and rating to really do the book justice, lest we end up with an updated version of the 90's miniseries.
Damn King products are really taking off these last few years with It, Gerald's game, 1922, Castle Rock and then you got Pet Sementary next year and now this.
God ****ing dammit, now I gotta subscribe.

Glad they're going episodic, though. One movie wouldn't do any good and I don't think the story lends itself to a Part One/Part Two movie treatment.
Gotta hand it to Josh Boone, he's been trying to get this off the ground for over five years now. I just hope CBS All-Access will allow him the budget and the rating to do it justice.
If it was CBS proper, I'd be worried. But All Access managed to lure in Jordan Peele after Get Out made him white hot. I think we're good.
Gotta hand it to Josh Boone, he's been trying to get this off the ground for over five years now. I just hope CBS All-Access will allow him the budget and the rating to do it justice.
Someone on Instagram asked him about the rating and he said it's "R-rated, HBO level" stuff.
Cool for Owen to be involved. Sleeping Beauties is one book I've been meaning to get around to.
Really curious to see what kind of talent they can wrangle on the casting side of things. Rooney Mara has been my ideal Nadine Cross for awhile, but who knows if CBS All Access could pull that off.
Maybe they could get Claire Danes.
I think Buster Scruggs’ Bill Heck could be a good and feasible Stu Redman.


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