Stop the Change!


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Jan 26, 2006
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Quit letting these crazies change their usernames. I'm tired of getting to know posters and then suddenly they are gone...vanished into another lamer username. This has already happened once, why keep doing it?

I thought it was only for severe situations.

STOP IT:cmad:
It's only a one time deal, those that want to remove a number or something
It's calmed down since last month or whenever the rush happened.
I prefer Banky as Geekz and Fran when he was a farmer, there i said it.
No one cares about that one :huh:
ouch HAHA

I call all the fellow hypsters that are loyal to their original username to stand united and picket this outrage. We will also not let those crazies with drastically different usernames past our picket lines into the Hype.
I call you Chonch Bag.

So change it to Chonch Bag.
Kol > aaron
Banky > Geeks
Fran = Farmer.. both lame. :huh:
Let me know when you fools are playing! :cmad:
That seems like a job for you.

You look very intelligent at least. With your glasses and everything :cmad:
I won't change my name. There's no point.

aaron even changed his face today. His name changed and his mouth closed, wtf?

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