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Mar 7, 2003
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Man I am so psyched for this! Miyazaki's son, plus Earthsea? You better beleive this is gonna kick all kinds of ash. It should also make up for SciFi/Hallmark's total abomonation of a mini-series (you know, the one that got rid of all the things that made Earthsea original, whitewashed the protagonists, and baisically changed the point of the whole story in an attempt to make to cash in on Lord Of The Rings).
Yes its without Lana and Iceman. That Earthsea was pretty bad. I was just happy to see Lana :( lol!

But that was just a made for tv movie some small stuff that wasnt accurate to the books, whatever this is must be more faithful ( I dont Earthseas books or Ursula K. Guin's books but I'm assuming)
Two Year Delay On Miyazaki's "Earthsea"
Posted: Friday December 15th 2006 2:04am
Source: C.H.U.D.
Author: Garth Franklin

American fans of good quality animation have Hallmark and The Sci-Fi Channel to thank for a two year delay on seeing the latest effort from Studio Ghibli, the studio of Japanese animation genius Hayao Miyazaki.

The studio that brought us the likes of ""Spirited Away", "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Princess Mononoke" released their latest film "Tales From Earthsea" a few months ago in Japan. Since then this directorial debut effort of Miyazaki's son Goro has already grossed more than $67 million across several major territories.

The film however won't be getting a release until December 2008 States-side according to CHUD. Why the long delay? Well the film is adapted from author Ursula K. Le Guin fantasy novel, the same novel which inspired the 2004 Sci-Fi Channel mini-series "Earthsea".

Back in 2004 Hallmark Entertainment granted a specific rights reversion that allowed Studio Ghibli to produce the animated theatrical release, so long as the resulting feature isn't released in the U.S. until December 2008.

The resulting two year delay, whilst allowing US distributor Buena Vista time to prepare an English language dub, may cause problems as many loyal Studio Ghibli enthusiasts will simply buy and import copies from overseas when it is released in Asia and other Western territories on DVD early next year.

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