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Smallville Talk Ville: The Smallville ReWatch Podcast

this was an Episode I had never seen before... even tho I probably wouldn't have recognize Cobie Smulders at time of its original air (as it would have been pre-HIMYM) I feel I would have remembered her as being from Smallville (once introduced to her on HIMYM)
As for the story of this week's.... Was anyone else half expecting a plot twist of her having powers ?( Either like a shape shifter or being able to clone herself, along those lines) it didn't really make since that this other woman just happen to look like her (I get the part where Lex didn't remember their faces enough to realize it was a different woman{an her face was kinda messed/blood})

but , them just pulling the security footage and getting a clear look at her face should have been enough to clear his name
( Don't get me wrong her being"normal" made the plot more intense, then some freak of the week story)

Clark seemed a little too shocked to learn of Lex's promiscuous nature.... Like a single 20 something, billionaire wouldn't get around

He literally turned to Lex for woman advance before knowing he was a experienced guy

I thought "Spell" was the conclusion to the Lana/Witch storyline, but I got about this thing with Jason's Mom (though, if I missed this episode back then I wouldn't have known that part of it)

didn't recognizes the beginning of this one...
wasn't til the lab scene that I recalled it (must of missed the beginning when it was original on back in the day) I remembered like this episode as I did in the re-watch of it as well

it gives you an interesting look into the character deepest subconscious fears

I do think they missed the point in the description of this episode, when talking about Clark nearly giving himself up for testing.... this actually made since in the context, he was the first person to come out of the nightmare alive (yes, this was do to his powers) it's more shocking that he was even susceptible to it in the first place

an if they tested they would have discover his powers (or something off about his Alien DNA) how he thought he'd offer up these samples for testing, is question (I guess he's just have to expose himself to kryptonite to be able to draw blood and such)

but, the way they acted like he offered himself up out of nowhere didn't make since

Lex's dream was the highlight of it for me (eventho we already saw it as the psychics vision in a previous episode) it did make me question since he was testing a cure version of the serum did this reveal his worst night? or his ultimate fantasy? or even some type of psychic vision of his own
I haven't watched an entire "Talk Ville" episode yet, but I love Michael's "Inside of You" podcast. He's done so many great interviews, over 300 of them in the past couple of years.

I have seen very short clips of "Talk Ville", and its weird seeing Tom so old. But then I remember he was 24 playing 15 in Season 1 of "Smallville", and no one beats the clock.
Wonder if they’ll land Ackles for an episode before they get through S4.

I kinda remember this as being a pretty iconic episode...
so, was surprised to see them sh!tting on it some much

at the time (an obviously looking back now in retrospect knowing how things played out, it might have been too soon) but I thought this would have been the best opportunity for Clark to reveal his powers to Lana...

they had just gotten back together under the idea that "things will be different this time"

an they both just learned a very important life lesson about "how short life is" (at least maybe for her)

so, when he showed up super speeding out of nowhere to the windmill and protected her {and most the town) from the blast, instead continuing to lie to Lana with "I got away just in time" BS... if he instead said that he was able to spend his last moments with Evan (and told her how he survived) showed her his powers

especially the way these events brought them closer together, basically acting as parents to this kid

if he's even think they actually have a future where they may have kids of their own

probably the biggest take away from this episode was Clarks decision to stay closer to home to help out at the family farm...

which honestly seems kinda redundant... no matter where he goes he could easy just super speed back home in a matter of minutes, get all his chores around the farm done and back to Metropolis (or anywhere else he wanted to go)

I get the parallel to his Father's decision at his age, but, that doesn't really apply to him in the same way (yes, bigger picture... he has to move on at some point to truly fulfill his destiny as the hero they believe he'll become) but, at this point in time it wasn't really that dramatic

I didn't mind the "freak of the week" story as much... I get throwing in a filler this close to the end of the season seems tiresome, but, you sometime need a B story to allow time wrap up other loose ends ... like the stuff with Jason and Mother (which was the A story of his epsiode, really) but they had to give the other characters something to do
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