TBS' King of the Nerds

Just saw it today, it looks pretty cool I'm a bit of a comic book geek and movie/TV lover myself but one of those rare breeds that actually bathe and put on deodorant.

But why must all the contestants need to have some sort of PhD degree in something considered geeky by the outside world? I'm jealous since I have no degree whatsoever.

So far the pink haired and the Asian chick are pretty cute, looks like it'll be fun once they do the comic book challenge.
Danielle (girl w/ the pink hair) and Genevieve (curly hair) are my crushes.
Wow this show really has some cute nerdy chicks. The black chick, the chick with the pink hair, and the asian chick . And Ya Ya Han was looking super hot as Chun Li.
I LOVE Danielle, I LOATHE Virgil :D

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