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The Dark Knight TDK Ride Details (Roller Coaster @ Six Flags)

damn dude, cool find :up:

coaster concepts look awesome. the graffiti, the gotham train car. only problem is that the coaster doesnt look wild enough. no loops or anything. i'm sure it'll be super fun though. and a 2 minute ride. sounds awesome :up: :hoboj: :brucebat:
I dont know why, im just chillen playing some nba 2k8 on my ps3 and i was like man i wonder whats going on with the TDK Ride, theres gotta be something out there online, so i did some searching.. guess it was worth it
definitely. i live over here in the chicago area, and goin out to gurnee, which is like an hour or an hour and a half will definitely be worth it. plus the raging bull and the original batman ride. always worth it for those bad boys.
Cool. Over at the one near me we just have "Batman: The Ride." Which is a really cool one.
Someone should put you out then...BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I'm sorry. Killed the mood =\

Someone should put you out then...BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I'm sorry. Killed the mood =\

Damn that was a lame one! :woot: Almost as lame as my jokes!

But I'm feeling your avvy! Is that you? You could rob a bank wearing that mask. Do you have anything in your pockets? I mean besides knives and lint?
Hehe. Thanks =) Yeah it's me. I finished the mask yesterday. Yeah, it could be a bank robbin mask. It's made in the wrestling mask style. Laces and all.
All we have in Six Flags St. Louis (as far as Batman based rides) is Batman: The Ride and Mr Freeze (complete with Arnold as Freeze pictures everywhere....)

I'd really like to see this, it reminds me of the Spider-Man ride in Islands of Adventure.
Awesome find :up:
I love the "Lets put a smile on that face" written on that wall.
which 6 flags is going up in?
That pretty cool. But what with the guy wearing the Batsuit? Since it TDK ride, should he dress like TDK Batman? Even if it's a cheap ass Halloween costume. :oldrazz:
Well that sounds interesting. Not a big fan of roller coasters, though.

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