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The Dark Knight TDK Set Visit [wizarduniverse.com]

Jonathan Crane

Apr 24, 2007
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Set visit + new pic:

Awesome, I've got to get back to class soon so I can't read it right now as it's pretty long, but I'll take a look when I get home.

Thanks for posting:up:
I don't like this pic actually. The suite and especially the cape look dumb in this pic.

Thanks for the article.
what a great article... nothing really new- but a great summary of what is going on.
Thats a pretty awesome report. Obviously this was wrote before Heath passed away, but note how no reference to the passing of Heath is made- perhaps this really is a good sign that things will continue as planned.
Reports indicate the Joker begins the film as a nobody thug before an unknown attack results in his disfigurement thanks to a razor blade. Left for dead, the encounter alters the man’s perceptions resulting in the birth of Batman’s greatest villain.

Good summary, but this part is odd. The prologue footage is the first 6 minutes of the film, right? And the Joker is already scarred at that point. (Unless it's done via flashback) I didn't think there was any sort of origin story for the Joker in TDK. :huh:
Awesome pic, he actually looks like a giant bat and not a guy in body armour. And he looks pissed as hell.
Yeah- i think this is going to be the opening scene with Batman and[BLACKOUT] scarecrow in the parking garage[/BLACKOUT]
^ you dont know that for sure crane.

and hes in the begins suit, look at the leaked pix.
I don't like this pic actually. The suite and especially the cape look dumb in this pic.

Thanks for the article.

You didn't like the BB suit? That's the one he's wearing in this photo, not the body armor one he wears later in TDK.
excellent read, this film will PWN
Interesting that he's in a brightly lit place and not in the shadows.


Thats just a set pic. The hue is much darker in the trailer of the exact same shot. Just a production still.


i think Batman crashing into the roof of that car would be a sweet way to introduce our hero in this movie.

then - leaving a check for damages.. LOL

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