TDKR t shirts at retail


The God of Fear
Jul 12, 2008
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Have these hit anyone's walmarts, targets etc? I've checked both walmarts near me, and haven't seen a freakin thing.
All the Wal Marts in my area have had some for 2 months now.

Target has only had an emblem shirt. (TDK logo)

Hot Topic has had some. Mostly the movie poster designs.

JC Penney has had a couple shirts

Khols has had a Bane shirt and a couple logo shirts

Old Navy has emblem shirts

Just about all these retailers have also had comic styled shirts along with the movie shirts too.
Regal cinemas was selling a shirt for $20 that came with a free large popcorn.
What the hell is wrong with my walmarts people? Neiter one close to me has ANY least the last time I checked that is. Gotta send my cousin snooping for me.
Maybe it's a regional thing? :huh: I am in a city in West Virginia that has 2 Super-Walmarts, and they don't have a shirt in either of them. I did find a Jim Gordon Movie Master at one, but the other didn't even have them out yet...

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