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Teen Titans live action film


Jul 20, 2005
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Has there been any news about this film?

Sorry I didn't see a thread about this but I've remember about a list of comic book movies on ign.com a while ago probably early '05 and it listed a possible teen titans live action film.

I was wondering if there was any news about this film or if it's gonna really happen? and which incarnation do you think it will be the third one, second one or the original five?
I'm working on my first draft based on The New Teen Titans and elements of the current run
I liked to see one for sure, though I don't think it'll happen.
If they do make a Teen Titans movie it's going to be marketed to a younger audience. Especially with the cartoon's demographics. My 4 yr old nephew loves the show.

I think it would work though. (well, money wise i mean lol i dont know about story)
hollywood could go either way, they have the cartoon which is targeted for kids or they could do the comic version which is for a more mature audience. im indifferent.

i also liked young justice better.
Have to be a toon. Where are they going to find so many actors with such big heads? haha rofl!
I would love to see the Judas Contract adapted into a three film arc, but I don't see a TT movie working if it were to be made in say, within the next three years.

Doesn't matter which version of the Titans you use, Robin would have to be a founding member. And you can't have Robin forming the Titans withour first establishing him with Batman. I think thats necessary because it was with the Titans that Dick Grayson started to outgrow the role of being "Batman's partner" and became a Leader, and from there became Nightwing.
You are probably right regarding Grayson but I think a movie could work, have it addressing things like the partnership with their respective mentors but I guess the third incarnation works for the best (the one with superboy).

I really think a movie like this would satisfy many fans regarding the sidekick stuff, for example robin saying he was or is batmans partner but he never appears in the movies would be weird but at least you have a robin on the big screen without the campy complains.

I dunno if the are going to address something in the flash movie since Goyer said it will include Barry and Wally but I think the are gonna show the kid flash stuff with Wally.

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