Tell me your Halloween Memories & Traditions !!!!!!!!


May 11, 2013
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Lets talk about Halloween ! Its only next month and I freaking LOVE it. The weather is awesome, the trees, the feel of the fall is epic to me. I tend to watch halloween movies non stop in October. I am not sure how the holiday became this way, but its awesome.

-What was your favorite Halloween memory ? Can be a kid memory or if you were an adult.

-What are your favorite movies to watch during Halloween ?

-What do you like most about Halloween ?

-What are you current traditions ? Do you take your kids out trick or treating ? Do you go to halloween parties ? do you simply stay indoors and watch AMC halloween movie marathon or ABC Family 25 days of Halloween movie marathon ?

As a film buff - I pretty much watch the same movies over and over again in October...

Ghostbusers 1 and 2, Sleepy Hollow, Wes Craven New Nightmare (underrated), Nightmare before Christmas, Trick R Treat (love that one), Ed Wood (Tim Burton film), Bram Stroker's Dracula (Gary Oldman), Casper (1995 Bill Pullman), Hocus Pocus, Halloween (original michael myers one), Scream 1 and 2, Adams Family 1 and 2, and more....






I saw the Next Karate Kid in one Hallowe'en in the 90s, really enjoyed it.
Probably the best sequel to the first.
I always buy too much candy to hand out and end up giving it away by the handful.

I also require the kids who come to my door to tell me a joke. If they don't have one, they only get one or two pieces. If they have a joke I've heard before, they'll get a whole handful, maybe two. If they have a good joke that I've never heard before, I'll give them two handfuls of small candy and then a full size candy bar. Of course, these rules are subjective and can vary by age.

Over the years, my house has become a destination house on Halloween night. All the kids in the neighborhood make sure to stop bye.
I LOVE Halloween. I try to do new things every year and add more, I started getting into the Halloween spirit mid-September. I lived in an apartment building since I moved out of my parent's house 12 years ago, all I was able to do was decorate my door. I have a house now and plan on going all-out with decorations outside, I'm thinking maybe a Wes Craven tribute since I'm dressing up as Freddy this year.

I picked up a 6 pack of pumpkin beer with a buddy and we watched "Trick r Treat" on my projector the other night, I picked "Trick r Treat" as a Halloween movie tradition right in front of "Hocus Pocus." My friend and myself also started filming a public access tv show in the style of "MonsterVision" and "Elvira" where we dress up and host classic horror movies.

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I compile a list of horror movies/shows to watch for the 31 Days of October. In addition to that, I read horror themed novels/comics and play scary video games. October is the best!
I sacrifice a goat then I dance naked in the moonlight bathed in the blood of the goat. Ya know, good wholesome fun that the whole family can participate in.
I'm doing the horror movie thing right now on Letterboxd.I did it for the last 3 years.For some reason they like to start earlier than everyone else.So by the time I get to Halloween I'm drained of almost all the desire to watch another Horror film.
I love going to amusement parks and little venues that do Halloween stuff. Getting scared is like spicy foods or rollercoasters. I love the rush.
First the horror movies and costume parties.
Then some candles, Zempasuchitl flowers, sugar and chocolate skulls, photos, making an altar for the deceased ones, visiting the semetery and bringing their favorite food...

Then eating all of the candy.
It always seems like the weather the weekend before Halloween is really nice and then Halloween comes and it's cold and rainy for trick or treat. Having to wear a coat over your costume was the worst thing ever.
My favorite Hallowe'en memory was when the Northern Lights were out when we were trick or treating. It was around middle school: the sky was ablaze with pumpkin light. I would pay anything to go back and relive that night.

Traditions: I decorate the yard, watch Halloween I-III and Zombie's films over the month, and catch classic horror films on the big screen. I saw Psycho recently and loved it. As for Halloween night, I watch Trick 'r Treat+Peanuts Halloween Special, plow through a bag of candy.. We hardly have trick or treaters my way, due to a) the college rising as the popular destination on the night our community hosts it b) my neighbors being cheap p***ks, and not giving candy, and c) hardly anyone traveling back the back road to our development as a result of A-B.
Pretty much my entire October/Halloween movie traditions I continue for myself.
I don't have many traditions for Halloween these days, always get home from work too late for trick or treaters. My wife and I will usually watch some zombie movies during that time of year, usually at least Zombieland since it was the first movie we saw in theaters when we started dating, maybe Dawn of the Dead or save a Walking Dead episode.

When I was little my grandparents always had a party the weekend before Halloween so they could see me, my sister and cousins in our costumes. There was a haunted house just a couple blocks away from their house and me and my cousins would always go and one of my cousins and I would always get totally freaked out by one of the first monsters and run out of it. Took about 4 years of failure before I successfully went through.

Some of my favorite memories were dressing up as Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi. One year I was going to be Spider-man, but my mom wanted me and my sister to be Raggedy Ann and Andy, she got me in the costume, but all I did was cry. My mom got a few pictures of me crying and my sister smiling and I finally gave in and let me put on the Spider-man costume, that Halloween went from the worst to great real quick.
I remember the first year I didn't get a store bought costume, my mom basically threw a sheet over me with eye holes and a New Year's Eve hat with a feather in it and said I was a "party ghost." First house we went to had these teenagers hanging out in front and were like, "what are you, a pimp?"
I used to dress my dog up for Halloween... which basically just consisted of a t-shirt and boxer shorts
I used to help my grandma hand out trick or treats. Then in high school we started going to the creepy old place where the, ah, Santanists sacrificed kittens to the dark lord. we didn't find santanists or dead kittens. You know how it is in the deep south.
I remember this one Halloween where it got rained out where I lived in FL. I was almost too old to go trick-or-treating and actually didn't plan on going that year. But I had an amazing idea, I grabbed a ski mask and a squirt gun then put on a black shirt and pants. BOOM, I was a robber. I then proceeded to trick-or-treat in the rain and everyone gave me all their candy because they figured no other kids were stupid enough to do what I was doing. I made it all the way across town and the garbage bag I had was so full there was no way I could lug it back to my house so I went to a friends place and called my mom to pick me up. Best Halloween ever. I had candy for months
My father used to work at the Atlanta farmers market, back when i was like 6... he brought home a pumpkin so big i basically made it into a fort.
I was costumed as a scarecrow. My mom made the costume. My cousin was a mummy. We were in kindergarden. I don't remember much else, other than the candy was cool and delicious and the smell of the Dia de Muertos Altars.
One of my traditions is farting into a bottle, then inhaling the fart through my mouth, and finally blowing it out in the faces of trick-or-treaters.
My tradition is to turn all the lights off and watch tv, ignoring the kids knocking on door. :o
My fave:
I was 32. The girl next door when I was growing up had been hurt very bad in a boating accident. "Accident" being a polite word for "The guy operating the boat was a total idiot!". She was divorced, hospitalized and the mother of a little son who was going through this crap along with her. I ended up taking her 5 year old trick or treating.

The weather was pouring rain, but I knew of this rented store a local scout troop rented for a haunted "castle" and took him there. Just as he was going in, a pair of 13 year olds came out praising the way "that guy with the chain saw popped out of nowhere!" so I knew this was good. He popped out excited and wanted to go again and again. I spent $20 on $2 tickets to tucker him out, took him across the street to the Burger King for a meal and a stop at the local store to get him his haul: Two bags of candies they hadn't sold of.

Best times, best of times

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