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Texas Battle cast in Dragonball???

Oh some people on imdb think he could be playing Carey Fuller, the bully at school
dont like final destination actors being associated with this movie. They suck.
final destination 3 was laughable.... like mortal kombat: annihilation
Oh some people on imdb think he could be playing Carey Fuller, the bully at school
I don't think so..... it could be but I doubt it.... I remeber when they did the first casting call the description iof the bully was a muscular big latino..
Hes just an extra in the school scenes. You can actually see him in the picture where goku gets hit by a car.
Yeah. He's Fuller.
Who else would he be?
I seriously doubt he is Tien

He was kidding about that :p.

Yeah he's Fuller (if that is still the character's name). Goku prolly walks infront of his car, and fuller is like "move outta the way bit**" and that sparks a "rivalry" between the two that leads to a fight in which Goku pwns his a$$ (SM1 rehash basically).
I havent seen Final Destination 3, I take it the movie wasnt all that good? somebody fill me in plz
It was an ok movie because it basically just did the same things that had been done in the previous movies, while not adding much that was new. If this had been the first movie we saw of the Final Destination series it would have been as good as the first one.
oh i see, I just watched a trailer for it right now, it didnt look too interesting imo

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