Texas Battle cast in Dragonball???

The first 2:20 minute of this vid is pretty much all he did in FD3.

God, I hate the final destination series. If there is anything that bothers me about Dragonball being a film, it's that James Wong is Co-writing/Directing.
I couldn't agree more with the above poster...

Final Destination = SUCKS.
Texas will probably only be in the first 10-15 minutes of this film
Spoke with Shavon Kirksey and she confirmed that she is playing Emi and that Texas Battle was Carey Fuller. She also said someone named Richard Blake is playing Agundas (haven't been able to ind him online). What was most interesting is that she said that Sifu Norris hasn't been cast yet. . .
From my other thread.
Texas Battle? That's his name? Man, yo don't to start a fight with guy with that name. he'll kill ya.
I don't like all these extras...
is his name seriously 'Texas Battle'

I actually can't believe that... haha. Seriously though! What a badass name... did he change it? Is it like, a 'fake name' like Ice T or something?
Mr. PoPo?


TEXAS BATTLE...greatest name ever. :cmad: i cant believe it ! :cmad: its just so amazing:cmad: ha:woot:

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