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The 158 cover art???


Nov 29, 2003
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I should preface this by saying that I dont read Marvel comics anymore so I am completely ignorant of whats going on. Anyway, I'm involved in a project whose artwork evokes WW2 propaganda posters and someone told me that theres a Marvel comic called The 158 that has that style of covers....I did a search for the series but basically came up with a million others comic books 158th issue.

So, if anybody has some info, or even a scan or link to the cover images then a post would be much appreciated.

PS...I may even be wrong about the name of the series...its some number...I think I'm correct.

Oh, its an X-Men book?? sorry about the wrong title (thats just what i was told).

Thanks for the help though, bigtime!
It'a actually more like the 1.5 Million, according to Wikipedia. the number of still-powered mutants, that is.
Heretic said:
Oh, its an X-Men book?? sorry about the wrong title (thats just what i was told).

Thanks for the help though, bigtime!
yeah, something drastic happened (that I won't go into detail about) to reduce the worldwide population fo mutants down to about an estimated 198 (really more)(down from several million). so yeah it's connected to the x-men

most people don't seem to be very hip to it. Me, I barely read x-books, so I don't care
You're welcome! :)

I always thought Marvel kinda made it obvious that there would be more then 198 mutants. Look at what it says in the 198 Files:
"Our earliest confirmed figures say that the current population of mutants left on this planet is 198, meaning that we are still missing intel on a good many of them"(the 198 files show they only have intel on like 130+ mutants)

By saying that it's their earliest figures, and that they're still missing intel - they can pretty much add more and more mutants to the list - way more then 198.​
Thanks again for the great examples...

Another question...

Is anyone here an artist who can handle this type of stuff.

I showed these to the guy that I had planned to have do the art and he kind of flinched, saying it wasnt really his style...

Basically I'm starting a website and need a banner logo for the top of the page ya know? I know what I want done and I really like the way this stuff was handled...

Anyway, if someone wants to make some bucks and can handle this type of thing let me know...
I couldn't do it myself at the mo, but if your looking for more research, try:

Russian Constructivism, that encompasses all that style of art plus more.

Consider stuff such as diverse angles etc, try placing your type at 45 degree angles, then juxtaposing stuff off it at a further 90 degree angle.

Am I making any sense? I dunno... but look at Constructivism. Obviously, your pallete should be red, balck and white.

Good Luck.
Look at Cassaday's cap america covers for some good propaganda. VERY WW2 evoking.
Nice, I love this kinda stuff...

IMO some propaganda is art at its finest.

Check out John Heartfield for some pioneering photomontage...

Has any comic cover used photomontage before??
What do you mean by photomontage? Just overlaying art and text onto photographs? Dave McKean does a lot of montage work with various materials, including photographs.

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