The 2011 Primtetime Emmy Awards


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Mar 8, 2004
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I think this will be the year of Mad Men losing Best Drama.

And Hamm and Carrell will finally win.
Amy Poehler or I ****ing burn this country to the ground. :cmad:
Better get ready to start burning then...
I'm pretty sure the Emmys are on FOX this year
Hamm better get it this time. Carrell too. :argh:

Seriously though, if Hamm can't win it for "The Suitcase" episode this season, he never will. He was f*****g amazing in that episode.
Steve Carell deserves the best actor in a comedy this year. He's been snubbed every year but this year he deserves. Goodbye, Micheal alone should guarantee him the emmy
Yeah, the awards shows tend to love a long running character's swan song, so Carrell will likely win it, unless the voters continue their love affair with Alec Baldwin.
Leonard ****ing Nimoy. :up:
I gotta watch this online while I see what Vick and these Falcons can do tonight. Damn you, television schedule.
lol Wilmer Valderama? Really?
Was hoping for Sophia, but will definitely take Julie. :up:
Just glad Cryer didn't win. Colfer too, for that matter.
Modern Family is unstoppable at the emmy's and rightfully so. That show is so freakin funny.
Of those nominated, sure. If the Emmys had gotten their heads out of their asses and given Parks and Rec a nomination or two, it could've been a different story.
:lmao: I love how the various awards shows and Ricky continually poke fun at how crass he can be.
ah I'd take Modern Family over Parks and Rec but I do think they should have been nominated definitely. Boo Pamela Fryman deserves the directing over this guy. She has to handle so many different flashbacks and what not in every episode of HIMYM and she does it brilliantly
Sheen has won.
wow charlie sheen, wasn't expecting that. very professional. also wasn't expecting that
Sheldon Cooper beat Michael Scott?!!! I like Parsons, but that was an upset.

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