The 68th Annual Golden Globes

You need to watch more of Boardwalk Empire. Like the first season of Mad Men, it's a slow burn. The first 3-4 episodes are very slow as it sets up the table. But by the halfway mark (around episode 6) the show takes off and becomes absolutely riveting. It deserved its win.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead had the opposite trajectory. While the first two episodes were great and had all the potential of a zombie show realized, it began to drop off around episode three. And the second half of the season was pretty mediocre in terms of writing, nevermind actual drama, suspense or horror. I understand this is a genre site and people here love to see a genre product (TWD) taken seriously, but there is a reason season 2 is going to have a whole new writing staff. The show had serious problems while Boardwalk Empire was nearly flawlessly executed.

Glee is an acquired taste. Some episodes are better than others. Some covers, and some storylines, are great. Others can sometimes kind of suck. It is a hit or miss show. But when it hits the sweet spot it is the funniest show on television. Something tells me you don't like it because it is a musical and have never watched it. If you did you'd know that "Don't Stop Believing" was in the first episode and is generally considered the show's signature song and has been complimented by Journey and downloaded a crap ton. It also led to them covering other Journey songs. And trust me I've seen them butcher songs (thinking of Golddigger and Bridge Over Troubled Water makes me shudder), but Journey ain't exactly musical royalty and Glee has improved on their cheesy ballads in my personal opinion.

I like glee alot, I couldnt get into walking dead or boardwalk empire. I watched all of walking dead waiting for it to get good but the acting and story were just kinda cheesy and quite frankly not interesting. Boardwalk empire while it has a very cool intro just doesnt have the punch Im looking for, I think this is more of an aquired taste then glee. I havent seen mad men but I heard I am missing out and Ive sampled dexter from time to time and liked what I saw. Im watching now the shield through netflix and Im just riveted by each episode.

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