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The Airzooka


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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Has anyone seen these? Basically some kind of mini howitzer for kids, where you can shoot a blast of air at someone with some pretty deadly force apparantly. Someone at work had one today, and I promptly ordered one after trying it once. It's like shooting people without killing them...only maiming them with air. :o
At point-blank you can kill someone with that.
"deadly force"? lol it shoots little bursts of air. the most damage it can cause is messing someones hair up.
^And to you female types, that's just as bad as death.

terry, change your name to Airzooka. It's destiny.

Or Airzooka Victim
Those things are semi-funny. Like, 50% funny.
^Yet....strangely erotic in some circles.
i've been blasted by one of those before by a random stranger in the mall..... looks like it would be fun if i were holding it shooting people tho...
Is his leg twitching afterwards?
I can not wait for an internet order. This weapon must be at a Target or Walmart.
new toy? this thing has been around for a minute now.

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