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the batman movies rumour's and trivia thread

kevin00 said:
I remember hearing the Marlon, not Shawn Wayans was gonna be Robin in Tim Burtons version of the 3rd Batman movie, obviously this never panned out
My bad.
Jack Nicholson is allergic to the main makeup stuff whcih is used in practically every movie. The batman 89 crew had to devolep special makeup for him.
Great tidbits...Ben Affleck would have made an interesting Batman. The info on Michael Keaton was great. Batman Forever would have been more interesting if the Kilmer/Schumacher fight was in the movie....lol.
ReptileOrion said:
Batman Forever would have been more interesting if the Kilmer/Schumacher fight was in the movie....lol.

Did they use pillows on this one?
Joel Schumacher said he had to fight to get Nicole Kidman cast as Chase Meridian in Batman Forever because, believe it or not, the producers did not think Nicole was "sexy". Nicole Kidman not sexy? I mean that's like saying the sky is not blue.

Mark Hamill was rumored to have been a contender for the role of the Riddler in Batman Forever.

Ashton Kutcher was rumored to have been a candidate for the role of Batman in Batman Begins.

George Clooney was said to have been chosen for the role of Batman simply because Joel Schumacher sketched the Batman mask over a picture of George's face and thought his chin looked good within the mask of Batman.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Geller?) and Natalie Portman were both said to be candidates for the role of Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins.
I didn't notice until yesterday that in Batman (1989) the city hall and flugelheim museum are like right next to eachother.
Dr. Fate said:
*Shawn Wayans was seriously considered for the role of Robin in "Batman Returns".

He was considered - he was actually hired for Batman Returns. He was fully paid for it as well.
batman strikes said:
Yes he is the guy that did the voice of Chucky. He also played Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King extended edition.

He was also the stuttering guy from One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest, which would of made 4 guys from that movie in 2 batman movies
"Doooooooon't **** with da' Chuck!" Thats my favorite chucky line ever
Director Joel Schumacher directed "8MM", a movie about a private investigator (Nicolas Cage) that investigates a snuff film. In the scene where Nicolas Cage's character watches the film off-camera, Schumacher exchanged the footage at the last minute. The movie that is really being watched is "Batman & Robin: The Director's Cut". Nicolas Cage's repulsed look, as well as his tears, are authentic.
the-dark-knight said:
* candidates up for the role of batman were alec baldwin, mel gibson and billy crystal
Billy Crystal WTF?!

the-dark-knight said:
*and during the scene near the end in the cathedral when vicki says 'oh i love purple' as she (ahem) goes down on the joker the shocked look on jack nicholsons face is said to be due to basinger giving him oral (i guess its not true but again from a british sunday newspaper from 1989)
I read somewhere that Jack got furious at Kim on the set and told her go back to sucking Jon Peters' c**k

* when Batman '89 was a huge hit Danny Devito was rumored for Penguin and Catwoman was offered to...................CHER?!

* after Burton dropped Robin from the Returns script people were claming that WB was racist for not wanting a black actor as Robin
It wasn't Billy Crystal it was Bill Murray who was a candidate for the role of Batman. Thank God it never happened.

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