The Fountain


Apr 8, 2004
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i was able to attend a pre screning last night in chatsworth and all i have to say that this movie was incredible and i can't wait for more people to see it. I was able to meet the director to i was going to my car to drop off my cell and he parked right next to me and he introduced himself to me, he's a very nice guy but on to the movie if you loved the directors work your going to love this movie its one of those movies that makes you think and its thought proviking. the cinemetography is well done and hugh jackmans best work by far my favorite would have to be the score it helps set the mood of the movie !!! if you have questions ill answer them...
Nice to hear, this has been one of my most anticipated projects for some time now.
Does anybody have a link to a trailer??? Its Rachel Weisz (spelling?) and Hugh Jackman, Ill go c it.
We can expect full trailer this week. confirmed it :up:
Highly anticipating this film, Aronofsky, Weisz and Jackman how can you go wrong?!
Yeh it looks cool. Aronofsky hasn't made a movie in a while..
Effing stunning, especially that last shot. And you can already see that Jackman is bringing his A+ game, like the early reviews mentioned. I get movie chills at his "and I will find it" line.
:eek: OMFG this was awsomingly beautiful. I can't believe how Jackman doesn't look like Wolverine at all in this film (well, maybe not in the 1500 bits). October (It is October right?) can't here any sooner.
I was afraid I'd get spoiled more than I wanted to be, but thankfully it's not spoilery. Non spoilery trailers, a lost art.
It's a very beautiful looking trailer, but I'm a little disappointed.
I loved it and having read the graphic novel, I cant wait.
If someone posts the downloadable verson of the HD, I will make sweet love to them. :o :up:

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