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The Horror Thread

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The Conjuring is mildly entertaining...rising above most Hollywood Horror movies only because it isn't full of plot hole nonsense. However, it is boring, not scary, and derivative as hell. I thought it was basically as good as any other possession/haunted house movie that Hollywood throws us multiple times per year, except someone took the time to hire decent actors and make sure that it wasn't contradicting itself at every turn.

I keep hearing that it's the best horror movie in years...but it isnt even in my top 5 of THIS year.

I find the best horror movies (or movies in general) are the ones that are either truly ground breaking or at least set the standard by which all other similar films are judged.

The Conjuring didn't set the bar nor break any new ground. Yet what it did do, it did very well. So if someone's in the mood to see a really well done haunted house/posssession movie, I'll recomend it. I certainly think it did the job better than the remakes of either House On Haunted Hill or The Haunting.
Once again, thanks for all the ghost movie recommendations for me guys. This is going to be really spooky weekend!
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