The last big budget blockbuster that wasn't based on an earlier property

They may not have had big-budgets, but they were ultimately blockbusters. Does it really matter?

If they don't qualify for half of the requirements set forward by the first post, I'd say it would matter.
Well, stuff like Superbad, Knocked Up, those are like raunchy comedies. Romantic and teen comedies are always based on original material, aka the writer's past experience or whatever. I wasn't really counting those.
independance day was my best but matrix seems to fit the bill far better

it's a shame a film just can't be a film anymore and has to be a tie in for another product of some sort.
they rocked imo. 2 and 3 are not based on anything,they were inspired by popular anime films...ghost in the shell,DBZ.

The Matrix 2 and 3 are sequels BASED on The Matrix part 1, an established property, so they don't fit the bill.
Yeah, 10000 B.C. is one also. Emmerich, say what you want about him regarding Godzilla, does make his own stories.

by raquel welch's fur bikini i say 10000 B.C. was based on another property.
I would say all the Matrix movies fit the bill.

The first Matrix movie was "based" on a Comic series called "the Invisibles"

and they never really gave credit for the source, and a lot the issues of the comic that are now known as "The Matrix Issue" disappeared.

Also, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was kind of a cross-breed between the 1941 film and the mid 90's television show.
The first Matrix movie was "based" on a Comic series called "the Invisibles"

How so?

While there are clearly elements of it pulled from various sources, was it actually based on something?
The Matrix was more or less what a live action sci-fi anime would be. And as far as I know the Wachowskis did take inspiration from anime, but the story was their own.
Thing is most movies are based on some other source. In many cases, they just happen to be very obscure sources.
Technically, Pirates of the Carribean. Yes, it's "based" on a popular ride, but I mean Terminator technically is based of a fever induced dream of James Cameron after he ate bad Mexican I'd say it's kind of splitting hairs to say it can't be based on anything, ever.

I take it this thread means "movies that don't come directly from a comic, TV show, book or previous movie".
What's condiered big budget? Over $100 million?

Saving Private Ryan had a $70 million budget and was the number one film of '98. Armageddon had a $140 million budget, #2 of '98.

The Pixar films also qualify with big budget and box office and not based on previous works like most animated films.
How so?

While there are clearly elements of it pulled from various sources, was it actually based on something?

According to Grant Morrison (writer of "The Invisibles")
Grant Morrison said:
It's really simple. The truth of that one is that design staff on The Matrix were given Invisibles collections and told to make the movie look like my books. This is a reported fact. The Wachowskis are comic book creators and fans and were fans of my work, so it's hardly surprising. I was even contacted before the first Matrix movie was released and asked if I would contribute a story to the website. It's not some baffling 'coincidence' that so much of The Matrix is plot by plot, detail by detail, image by image, lifted from Invisibles so there shouldn't be much controversy. The Wachowskis nicked The Invisibles and everyone in the know is well aware of this fact but of course they're unlikely to come out and say it.

He then continues on to talk about the sequels and how he was disappointed with them. This was from an interview done by the Suicide Girls website I do believe.

Paraphrasing is still plagiarism if you don't cite your sources. And just because certain films aren't titled and marketed as a rehash/remake of an older film or book doesn't mean they aren't. Did Eragon remind anyone else of Star Wars?

If I remake Die Hard: Make John a girl and name her Jane, give Hanz a non-white ethnicity, make the building in Tokyo instead of L.A., and have them stealing micro-chips instead of bond certificates. Change the title to something way off the wall like Chip Heist 3000, and make no references what so ever to Die Hard. Have I made a new movie?
National Treasure or The Island?
What about Pirates of the Caribbean? Besides taking its name from the ride, it had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Actually, the movie used a lot of images from the ride, such as the dog with the keys. The ride itself doesn't have a story per se, but it was supposed to use the technology to create realistic-looking pirates in various scenes (it was originally conceived as wax museum), many of which were duplicated in the movie.

And the 3rd Pirates movie involves a drop to get to the locker--the Pirates ride starts with a big drop. It even played the audio recordings from the ride when they went down.

They've since added Captain Jack, Barbossa, and Davy Jones to the ride so now the ride that inspired the movie has now inspired the ride. Go figure.
Hmm, maybe Rush Hour or Armageddon? I know each are about a decade old now, but they were big hits and I don't think they were existing properties? Twister also.

You're right though, besides most animated movies (or at least the Pixar ones) and comedies, I can't think of any from the 21st Century heh.
Mr and mrs smith is kinda a culmination of a few previous entities, including the TV series of the same name which featured the pair of them as married spies....

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