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World The Last Story You Actually Enjoyed?

Electro UK

Can't all be for nothing
Dec 11, 2004
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You know its been so long since we've had a good arc worthy of recognition. But what over these last few years of pain have we actually enjoyed?

This could be anything from back issues you've picked up to the latest stories that have appealed to you.

My first entry would have to be Cable and Deadpool 24. I got a hint of classic Spider-man from this story. Just seeing Pete and JJJ remind me of "the good ol days"... how come we have to go to an entirely new book to see this kind of stuff anymore?

Another thing I have enjoyed is the constant line of spider-man: Essentials. They really do help. Around 20-25 classic stories all gathered togethers for around £10. Bargain, and there's so much fun in reading them.

So what issues over this painful peroid of time have you collected that you've enjoyed?
Wade tossing Pete off a bridge, and than attempting to rationalize his actions was quite humerous :up:. However I hated Pete's holier than thou attitude when fighting 'Pool.
Yeah... I would have enjoyed it more if we saw them maybe get along a bit more. But it was still good fun to see, hopefully just one of many Deadpool/Spider-man meetings to come :up:
I'm enjoying The Road to Civil War and I liked the Hydra arc. Feral is good too.
I liked the Hydra arc, am enjoying Feral, and picked up two very good death stories, though one was retconned, ASM 400 and SSM 200.
I liked the Spider-Man/Human Torch mini series..was funny, fun and well written :)
I don't read USM that much but the one with SS was good
The last Spider-Man story arc I enjoyed was the Hydra arc in ASM. Before that, my favorite comics to feature Spidey were probably issues of Marvel Team-Up. Spider-Man: Breakout was fairly decent as well.
Feral's been very good so far.

Besides that, I've "enjoyed" plenty. I'd say most of JMS' run minus Sins Past and The Other have been "enjoyable", But if you're asking for a story I really liked, really thought was quality, it's certainly been quite a while.

EDIT: Oh! We're counting crossovers too? :o In that case that issue of Runaways he appeared in (I think it was ish #11). That was excellent. :up:
I actually really like the way FNSM and SSM are being written currently. So my LAST story that I enjoyed, would have to be both of them, because I'm enjoying them. Feral's just one of the best stories I've read in a long time. And I love what FNSM is doing with Pete's supporting cast.

Basically, I'm liking everything but Amazing. (as far as core goes.)
gliderpilotgirl said:
I liked the Spider-Man/Human Torch mini series..was funny, fun and well written :)

That mini was fantastic. One of my favorite Spider-man stories (if you will) of all time.

I also get Unlimited on and off... that's been very good for the issues I've picked up.
Ultimate is really the only series I'm reading right now, but so far the Deadpool arch is building into something interesting. The last arch with Silver Sable was good, except that for some reason I didn't get the last issue of it in the mail so I haven't read it yet. :( Gotta swing by the comics shop when I get the time.
I don't know any reall good spider-man stories right now but I always like reading the old issues every spidy story after the 90's I don't read.
The last Spidey story I really enjoyed was "I Heart Marvel: Web of Romance".

It had it all....continuity, Parker angst, a flashback to a GREAT Spidey/Human Torch moment, and one of the most heartfelt Peter/MJ moments ever.

Before that, I enjoyed Spectacular Spider-Man #27 a whole lot. Great issue. I wish the TPB Police had just let Jenkens do the stories HIS way instead of forcing stuff on him. SSM could have been the best Spidey book...

Aside from that, I'm enjoying "Feral" in Sensational Spider-Man. I hope Medina gets a grip on drawing women's faces sometime soon, though. His artwork is fun, but I haven't seen one female yet who isn't cross-eyed. :(

Ultimate Spider-Man always delivers, but I'm only going on 616 titles here...
Well I have really been enjoying Feral, too bad the artist looks like he is only on for 3 issues, how lame is that.
Pretty much any story with Spidey in it not written by Bendis or JMS (aside from Hydra - that arc was great).
I enjoyed the Coming Home, first Morlun arc, until JMS had Peter say he never fought side by side with someone so similar to him.

And the which came first, the Spider or the Power, was really tacky, IMHO, and I just tried to pretend those two things didn't happen in the arc.

Of course that was the beginning of the end. Continuity would never be taken seriously again.

5 freakin' years of laziness.

I liked Hydra a lot...Feral has been a pretty good read thus far........and I recently (maybe a month or two ago, ) got to read Spiderman Blue.... I absolutely loved it!!
I enjoyed The Other arc, and Sins Past.

They were really well written and were totally the best arcs, ever.
SouLeSS said:
I enjoyed The Other arc, and Sins Past.

They were really well written and were totally the best arcs, ever.

Now how the hell can I yell at someone who actually freaking quotes me??
SouLeSS said:
I enjoyed The Other arc, and Sins Past.

They were really well written and were totally the best arcs, ever.


I take it you've either a) never read any other Spider-Man stories, or b) You're JMS, himself.
SouLeSS said:
I enjoyed The Other arc, and Sins Past.

They were really well written and were totally the best arcs, ever.

*brain explodes*
Things aren't nearly as bad as they could be.
Over the last several years, I've consistantly enjoyed:

Ultimate Spiderman
The New Avengers (Yes, The New Avengers, except that farce with Carnage)

Things are bleaker for the 616, but, what are you going to do?

I flat out loved JMS's/JRJR's Spiderman from the first Morlun/Ezekiel arc all the way up through The Book of Ezekiel.

The new Feral story in Sensational KICKS ASS. Feels like a total throwback to McFarlane, and I love it.

Also, mini's with Spiderman that I have dug the hell out of:

Secret War
Spidey & Human Torch

So ok, the 616 core Spiderman titles have pretty much been balls for what? 2 years? But SSM is coming on strong now, And the boat's still out on FNSM.
And not going to lie... When JMS takes the time to sit down and think out his writing, it usually kicks ass. So count me hopeful for the Civil War. But don't count me as a buyer of it. Not yet.

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