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The most memorable moments in Sports for 2007


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Mar 7, 2006
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I know Psycho brought the idea up in the NFL thread, thought we would have a whole thread about it. :yay:

My most memorable moments:
-Michigan beating MSU (Never get that image outta my head)
-MSU beating Penn State to secure a bowl
-Pistons beating Celtics
-Red Wings coming back to the Conference Finals
-Tiger returning to his dominance
-Sean Taylor :csad:
-Chris Benoit :csad:
Mizzou's rise in football.

...yeah, that's about it for me.
*Red Sox World Series
*Sean Taylor
*Micheal Vick
*Kevin Garnett Trade
*Mets Collapse
Red Sox 2nd World Series in 4 years.
The rise of Kansas and Missouri
The generally f-ed up NCAA Football Season
Garnett to the Celtics
The Pats going 14-0
The fall of Michigan to App. State
The Mitchell Report
The Barry 'Cheater' Bonds Controversy
David Beckham coming to the MLS
The Revs losing a third straight MLS Cup
Michael Vick saga
Sean Taylor's death :csad:
Tebow's great season/Heisman win
James McFadden scoring the winning goal for Scotland against the World Cup finalists, France, in September.

The Correct America List Of Top Sports Stories (because I am right and everyone else is wrong)

1. Barry Bonds
2. MLB Steroids: Mitchel Report (Would be higher, but true fallout will occur after 1-1-08)
3. New England Patriots

1. New England Patriots: From Spygate to Juggernaut
2. Michael Vick
3. Sean Taylor

1. Steroids
2. Barry Bonds HR Record (Tarnished by Steroids)
3. Boston Redsox

1. Boston Celtics Various Trades
2. Kobe and LA Dysfunction
3. That silly Isiah Thomas

1. Upsets: Top 10 Constant Loses to Unranked Teams
2. Upsets: Division II Over Michigan
3. Upsets: Boise State Over Oklahoma

Award for Best Single Sporting Event:
2008 Fiesta Bowl aka "The Greatest Bowl Game Ever Played In The History Of Carbon Life Forms"
My most memorable 2007 Sports Moments:

The death of Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz, finally unchaining the organization from his reign and looking like they actually have a future to build upon with Pat Kane and Jonathan Toews. Not to mention finally going to be put back on television regularly again.

Mark Buerhrle's no hitter.

Jim Thome's walk off 500th career home run.
oh, forgot Clay Bucholtz's No-hitter in his second ever ML start...
-Another memorable moment was Georgia's "blackout" against Auburn. That was awesome to watch.
Wow, I watched a YT vid of it, and the stadium went NUTS!
You betcha man, that was an experience like none other I have ever known. :wow:

I swear this dude filmed this inside my eyes..

-Michigan defeats MSU

-Barry Bonds: Home Run King

-Steroids Scandal

-Patriots' Spygate

-Joe Torre's departure

-Brett Farve leads Packers back to relevance

-Vick's trial and subsequent 23 months

-Chris Benoit & Sean Taylor
*Looks around sheepishly*

Notre Dame actually but Michigan has been a team I've enjoyed watching for a few years now.
Every team has their down years.
Heh, you're telling me, but through the years I've seen sparks of brilliance within the orginization. They'll be back on top once they owrk out the kinks on both sides of the ball and not until.

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