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Aug 28, 2006
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For discussing one of the Earths greatest warriors, Piccolo!



And one of Goku's greatest adversaries. :kai:
How they finish off this movie with Piccolo will determin what kind of a roll he will play in any future movies. If the next movie will indeed be the Saiyan conflict then Piccolo's roll will be even more important, provided Gohan will be present and become Piccolo's student.
Piccolo has always been one of my favs, going back and watching his first incarnation just reinforced why...cause he's a bad ass. I think Marsters will do great. :woot:

He does look like him a little.

He's gonna have to get a deep voice though.

"and that all there is to it?." -- Bubbles
Is there gonna be a distinction between Piccolo and Piccolo Daimoa? And will Kami be in this?
No one is sure yet, they haven't said word. I'm hoping that we get King Piccolo & then Ma Jr. But I'm sure Kami will be in it, even though they haven't officially said so.
you think kame will be in this one? i think they might wait to put him in a sequel
He was a major part of Dragon Ball so yeah, I think he'll be in this movie.
so you believe that they will be casting more major characters? i figured that whoever they have cast now were the major characters and that everyone else who is in the movie will be some new and minor characters that are created for this solely for this movie.
The cast now are the major characters but we haven't even gotten a single word on Tien or Krillen unless they appear at the tournament & Wong just doesn't want us to know that they do.
i hope so but i was under the impression that none of the other characters will be in this one until a sequel.
i hope so but i was under the impression that none of the other characters will be in this one until a sequel.
I really hope that's not the case. Krillin and Tien were major players in DB and Krillin is supposed to be Goku's best friend so they really should put them in this one.
As a lot of people have stated before, Krillen & Tien will probably appear at the tournament.
i agree but you think that they would make a big deal about casting Krillin if he was going to be in this movie
I don't think so, if they wanted to keep it secret, then they wouldn't tell us anything about what's going on.
I hope that Piccolo is properly depicted as the devil or demon king and Kami as the Earth god, instead of "guardian of the Earth".
That would probably upset a lot of people if he's called God but yeah, you're probably right, he should be called Earth's God.
how much of the movie do you think they will keep a secret?
I hope they keep a lot of it secret, I don't want to know too much about the movie before I go to actually see the movie.
very true. i'm with you on that one!
Yeah, which is the main reason I don't want to know what King Piccolo's motives will be. I think that they're going to change a little about what we originally know about in the manga so I hope it's something good.
i dont mind change, i just hope they dont make it ridiculous or corney.

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