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The Official "Best of E3" Thread


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Feb 26, 2006
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OK. So now that E3 is done and away with, we're all set to see what games stood out from the rest. We'll be getting "Best of E3" features from gaming websites and publications by the bucketloads now and this is the thread to post them all in. I'll be updating links as more are posted.

For now, let's kickoff with the games Gamespy deemed worthy of being the gems of the show -


I must say that I was quite shocked (no pun intended) to see Gamespy crown Bioshock as the best title on the show floor. Oh and Gears of War walked away with a number of honors as well - Best Console Game, Best Action Game and perhaps a probable tie with Bioshock as the Best Game, rightfully so. I'm not the least bit surprised considering just how damn kickass Cliffy B's playable demonstration was during the Microsoft Press Conference.
Gears of War was best in show, no doubt. They had the most stuff to show off and it was all amazing.
Anything Nintendo Wii! Especially Super Mario Galaxy, and the sword-fighing one! Gears of War: 2 made me think like, "I'm going to be losing a LOT of sleep when this piece comes out!"
Well nothing not me anywhere near as aroused as the MGS4 trailer... :o
Trailers didn't "WOO" me too much, as did the actual GAMEPLAY shown @ E3. Even the teaser trailer of Spider-Man 3 did nothing for me, as a matter of fact- it SCARED me! I ready to get my "WII ON"!!

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