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The official BEST POSTER poll thread


Apr 9, 2005
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What are your thoughts?... Which is the best?

I have to go with the polish (red) one. I prefer the colors, and it sort of plays off of Phoenix, and gives her more presence (even with the small placement). In the (blue) one she has no presence what-so-ever. She seems SO out of place, since the rest of the poster is blue/black. I don't like the pose Wolverine is in though. If they took the pose of Wolverine from the (blue) one, and put it into the (red) one it'd be near perfect, IMO. :)

:down :down for them putting Halle and Hugh's name's on there. Should have left them off :p
Sorry, I was going to create a poll, but don't know why the thread was created finally...
I love the background in the polish one, but I like the placing and how the charaters are in the US one. So if they were combined..... BOOM perfect poster.
Second. Hugh has a better pose. Angel has better wings. I can see the floor that they're walking on, so it doesn't look like Angel is slanted. The position is just a lot better.
exactly,that would be awesome
If angel were FLYYYYYYIIINNNG in them then id care.

they are still rocking, but seriosuly, get angel in the air and let bobby hog that spot.
Actually I'd love the background of the Polish one with the characters from the Romanian one. Anyone care to do a manip?

Also they put Halle & Hugh's names on the posters because in countries like Romania & Poland people have no idea who the other people are. If you ask anyone in Romania who James Marsden or Kelsey Grammar is they're gonna give you a very puzzled look. Patrick Steward & Ian Mckellen might also be familiar to fans in eastern Europe.
If they were combinded and were mixed in a way i wanted, i would like my poster

At first I thought you meant "Official Best Poster" among people making posts in these threads...But since that is not the case I would vote for the red one.
i like the blue one only because its in english but i like hugh and angel better in the blue one more than the polish one
They both have big problems, neither is better in my mind.
-Much more dramtic background, speaks of war
-Background full of red, for passion = phoenix
-Dynamic pose of Wolverine
-Jean's wild hair
-Rogue's alignment in poster, shouldnt be there
-Lack of proper hue change for beast
-Angel's alignment with picture plane

-Angel's stance, and driven for sexual appeal
-Beast no longer as tall as angel in poster
-Background is designed for Storm, she's not in front, background fails
-Background doesn't justify reason for Storm's wild hair
-Jean is completely outta place
-Rogue again
-Lack of dramatic/dynamic
-Poor resolution of Kitty

Overall poster problem is the question it asks.
"Whose side will you be on?"
should be
"Who will you stand with?" <---within context of picture

And the basic problem
Shows no division between sides.
You are basically asked to choose a side with only the X-Men featured

-They should have had the poster with Half X-men Half Brotherhood.

As an art major myself, i find it disturbing how blatant faults are present in both posters.
all of the ones xw2 just posted are so much better!

The official US one is kinda ... I dont know... bland
Here is my first manip, not the last:


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