The Official Danny Trejo Appreciation Thread


Aug 29, 2004
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If you appreciate the work of Danny Trejo, the mexican from hell...let it be known here.

Danny Trejo is simply one of the best supporting actors out there appearing in dozens of films and about to have his big break as the main character "Machete" in the motion picture of the same name to be released in 2008.

Use this thread to talk about his past work, current work and future work, in a nutshell, use this thread to show your appreciation of the mexican from hell.

"You've just ****ed with the wrong mexican." - Machete.

I was watching El Mariachi and wanted to immediately throw in Desperado so that I could watch the man in black own everyone with his knives.
Danny Trejo for Kilowogg!!
the rapist from conair? he was ight
i thought Machete was just a fake trailer for grindhouse?

is he really making a movie of Machete?!!

if so, great!!
The man spend almost all of the 60's in jail. He don't just look like badass, he is badass.

Trejo ftw.
Maybe he's a real badass, but Oh my..., he's so incredible !

I want to see Machete, now !
But I thought Machete was planned for the DVD release of Grindhouse, initially ? :huh:
He looks straight into my soul.

And he has a message too: I'm more badass than you'll ever be.
I just think ...
Is there at least a film in which he doesn't die ? :woot:
Oh, he has definitely lived through a couple. But in a perfect world, he's like 0 for 100 something.
"Trejo has said that he is amazed when he walks the streets where he used to commit crimes and children ask him for autographs. He also pointed out that he often chooses to play bad guys to teach younger audiences that bad guys often die or go to prison, and that one should try to live a decent life." - Wikipedia

I guess that explains why he always dies in his movies.
Hopefully Machete WILL stay alive.
Cause Machete is the hero.

Teaching young kids that killing those disrespectful bastards at the FBI who double cross you when you are on one of your illegal assassination jobs.
Machete is bad guy as well, Gilpesh...he's a hitman.
"I cost the most, cause I'm the best there is", according to the Grindhouse trailer.

He becomes the movie hero because he's doublecrossed.
I know. That point is proven in the second line of my post.
I guess that explains why he always dies in his movies.
Hopefully Machete WILL stay alive.

He might always die in the movies, but I remember seeing him come out in a George Lopez episode once. He didn't die in that one.:woot: Though the show itself did! :cmad:
Technically he was dead on the inside for the entire movie until the end.

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