The Walking Dead The official 'DARYL DIXON': Crossbows and Squirrels Thread!


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May 19, 2003
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Can't believe there isn't a thread for one of the shows favorite characters.
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"Hey. While the others are down at the river washing their panties, lets go hunt."

Hey golgo, I think his name is spelled Daryl not Darly. Just an fyi if you wanted to edit the thread title.
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I know, i pm'd a mod hopefully one can change it.
The badassery is strong in this one, as well as the sexiness.
I wish it still had "DARLY" in the title. :o
I've never read the comics, but I think Darly is the best thing about The Walking Dead TV show.
Which is funny, considering Daryl is not in the comics. Old news for TWD readers, I know, but I only recently discovered this when I decided to start reading the books and kept waiting for Daryl to show up at some point, and was totally shocked that such an awesome character isn't in the comic.

I like Kirkman's thoughts here (read #1):

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I think the title of this thread should be changed to " Crossbows and Critters for Dinner Thread".

Not just squirrels, no critter is safe around Daryl. Any that crosses his path ends up as dinner. :yay:
I've liked Norman Reedus since Blade 2 and Broondock Saints. Can't believe he's 43.
I've liked Norman Reedus since Blade 2 and Broondock Saints. Can't believe he's 43.
Really? I thought he was at most mid-thirties. He's aged well. Sean Patrick Flanery on the other hand.
Had no idea he was 43. Flannery would have aged well if it weren't for his plastic surgery. He doesn't look bad, but its noticeable. Love both those actors though.
I lost my **** this episode with him finding what he did.
Daryl: You know, when I was about your age, my mom died because she fell asleep with a lit cigarette in her mouth.

Carl: I had to shoot my mom in the head.

Daryl: Alright, nvm. :whatever:
Hahaha....I was thinking the same thing. Carl was like dude. I shot my mother...point set match!
I posted these in the general discussion thread, but they belong here as well:


Ummm... so, what do you think everyone? After tonight...

Is Daryl going to die? I sure as hell hope not.

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