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The Official Fables Thread


Jun 20, 2001
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All right, I just searched this forum. There's no thread dedicated to Fables and that, my friends, is a crime. What does everyone here think about this Vertigo title that is clearly the best comic being published right now? ;)

To start things off, I got into Fables kind of late so I just picked up the first two TPBs and ordered vol. 3 online. "Legends in Exile" was good but "Animal Farm" is where Willingham really shines. I loved all the parallels to the Orwell novel and Goldilocks' not-so-subtle Communist banter. Hilarious stuff. :D
I think there was one in Misc. Comics Forum. :p ;)

You should also pick up "The Last Castle" it's a side story about the last fables escaping to the mundane world.

I can't decide which tpb of the two I like better, I love the mystery in the first one and Bigby Wolf is such a great character. The second one is great for the reasons you mentioned, the ending was fantastic.

Can't wait for the next tpb "Storybook Love" coming out April 21st.

Oh yeah, and the cover art is always...simply beautiful. :)

Yeah, I pre-ordered my copy of "Storybook Love" from eCampus already. It's about the same as buying it in a store, so I figured what the hell.

I'm planning on getting "The Last Castle," too. I'm trying to find somewhere that's selling it relatively cheap.

James Jean's cover art is awe-inspiring. He's an incredible artist. The cover to the TPB of "Animal Farm" is one of my favorite images now; I just sat there staring at the cover for a while after I finished reading it.

Bigby is definitely one of the high points of the series. He's great. I can't decide whether my favorite moment with him is his ham and eggs comment when Colin passes out on his couch or the one where he reveals that one of the cardinal laws of Fabletown and the Farm is that Bigby never be allowed to set foot on the Farm. :D
Fables is currently my favorite book out there. :)

I don't think there's any other book that I look forward to more than this. The stuff just keeps getting better and better.

Plus, we're supposed to get an idea of who the Adversary is by issue 24 :D
Awesome, I've been wondering about that. Where'd you hear about that, Eric? I haven't found any sites that give me any kind of Fables news yet. Even DC's site has next to nothing on Fables.
It was said in Wizard a month or two back. And yeah, the DC site has next to nothing, but I love to read the Fables message boards to see what kind of speculation people give as to who the Adversary is.
I liked the first two trades a lot and I've preordered the third :up:
What exactly is Fables??? :confused:
It's about these characters called Fables from fables, folklore, and fairy tales who are driven out of the Fable realm by this guy called the Adversary. They escape to the mundane world (ours) in about 1900 because it's the only one the Adversary has never expressed any interest in.

Once they're here, they set up in New York; most of the human-looking Fables live in this hotel building that they call Fabletown and just mingle with the regular people (mundys) of New York City. Lots of them have jobs in NYC: for example, Cinderella owns a shoe store called The Glass Slipper. Others work in the Fabletown building, like Bigby Wolf (the Big Bad Wolf turned human) and Snow White.

The non-human-looking Fables like the 3 Blind Mice and the Jungle Book characters live in the Farm, which is a huge plot of land in upstate New York. They're relegated to the Farm because it's the Fables' highest law that they're not allowed to reveal their magical nature to any mundys.

In short, it's just a brilliant comic. Willingham balances all the folklore and magical stuff with enough real world sensibilities that it doesn't come off as goofy (unless he means it to) and the stories have been great so far. The first arc, collected in the "Legends in Exile" TPB, is about Bigby's investigation into the murder of Snow White's sister and it's one of the most thoroughly entertaining mystery stories I've read. The second arc, in the "Animal Farm" TPB, is about an uprising in the Farm. Also really good. Just buy the first TPB and you'll probably be hooked. It's not even that expensive; I got it at Waldenbooks for about $10.
Thanks, I appreciate it... :)

I'll definitly be picking up at least the first TPB on my next TPB run... :D
Issue #22 comes out this Wednesday, and I can't wait to see what happens!
X: Awesome, let me know what you think.

Nightcrawler: Me, too. I hope we get to see Bigby question Red Riding Hood.
Originally posted by TheCorpulent1
X: Awesome, let me know what you think.

Nightcrawler: Me, too. I hope we get to see Bigby question Red Riding Hood.

What? Red Riding Hood's alive?! I'm not supposed to know that! :eek: *covers eyes*
Has anyone ever seen the NBC miniseries "The Tenth Kingdom"?

it is somewhat similar to Fables... I've wondered it that miniseries is where Willingham got his inspiration for this series.
Originally posted by Lackey
What? Red Riding Hood's alive?! I'm not supposed to know that! :eek: *covers eyes*

It's been shown in basically ever solicitation of the book lately that she's still alive. :p
Originally posted by Eric Draven
It's been shown in basically ever solicitation of the book lately that she's still alive. :p

I only read the tbps :(
I can't read the TPBs, it'll be too long of a wait inbetween books...:(
Originally posted by Lackey
What? Red Riding Hood's alive?! I'm not supposed to know that! :eek: *covers eyes*
D'oh, sorry, I should've put spoiler tags. :(

I have The Tenth Kingdom on tape but I've never watched it. Next time I go home I'll probably give it a go.
B to the izzump.

The new issue rules. The art was kinda crappy, though. I want Bucky back.
Yeah, it was a great issue. Kinda odd though, that there was a stand-alone story right in the middle of the arc. I wasn't too much of a fan of the art as well, but then again, the art isn't as good when there are the stand alone stories....
Yeah, I was kind of confused about that myself. I checked the last couple of issues just to make sure there was an arc going on and I wasn't just going out of my mind. But still, as far as digressions go, this was a great one.
Haven't been on the baords lately...and I'm glad someone has finally started a thread on this book :) I thought I was the only one that was buying the book, but I'm glad to see others are picking it up also.

I love the humour in the book...especially on Pinocchio and his sexual frustrations! That is too funny...and Prince Charming is probably one of the smoothest characters that I have seen written. I still gotta read the last two issues that have just come out...

Sorry if I interrupted the nice flow in this thread with my rambling :D
I'd have to agree. I hope we get to find out who those three are very soon. I've heard some speculation, but I doubt that it's true.
Judging from the title and the May solicits of the last part of this arc, I think they're wooden soldiers under the Adversary's command.

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