The Official Garfield 2 Thread.

webhead731 said:
What does that say?:confused:

No way?

Please god, let there be a "yes WAI! owl! :D

But if you like Garfield dude thats cool. I liked The princess Diaries. I felt Garfield, the movie in the begining for 25 minutes was good. Way good. But then he went into the city and the jokes felt forced and I stop caring. Then there was that James brown dance....just so out of outplaced. The story would have been better if it was kept in the house and backyard adventure and if odie was cgi'd.

Oh and more JLH never hurts.
Okay, I don't care what you all say about Garfield. This thread is back, deal with it.;)

I'll be seeing it on Friday.:)
psh, no thanks! i think id rather spend my money on a quality piece of entertainment this weekend... like fast and the furious 3 :o:p

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