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The official Goofy Picture Threads (merged)


Aug 18, 2005
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This thread is for Wilhelm, this guy makes me laugh like crazy. If you want wilhelm to make a funny picture of any character or thing, just post it here. I want.

1. Orko
2. Webster
3. Bob Saget
4. Sharing a whopper from BK

Just request and the main man on the hype will answer:up:
a hyperdimensional meat-normous sandwich.

edit- and...did you ask wilhelm about this first? :confused:
I'm guessing the answer is "no".
I will do one with Bob Saget someday, but I can't say when. Until then, enjoy the collection so far.







I'm more of a fan of the old stuff. You can't beat the purity of that simpler time, when everything was new. I'd say my favorite is Prince Adam calming Godzilla with a BK Broiler. :( Though you really can't beat He-Man's menacing foe, Mary-Kate and Ashley-Two-Bad.
Wilhelm thats the enomroms omlet sandwich

Congrats on your on thread you earned it!
David Hasselhoff and Teletubbies..It needs to be done!
Hasselhoff is a good suggestion. But the rules are:
1) 80's TV
2) Fast Food
3) Masters of the Universe
4) Godzilla

so no Teletubbies, ever.
I think someone has a crush on Wilhelm. :o
No, teletubbies...? :( GO TO HELL!! :mad:

I'm going to be stealing the Two-Bad Olsen pic and posting it elsewhere.

Just to give you proper notice, of course.
The Lizard said:
I'm going to be stealing the Two-Bad Olsen pic and posting it elsewhere.

Just to give you proper notice, of course.
3 dollars for the first minute, 50 cents for each additional minute.
lol, no dude, I don't have photoshop, it takes for-****ing-ever to do those and is mind-bendingly tedious. I gotta relax and recharge my batteries. I only did that one last night 'cause I couldn't sleep but all my roommates were asleep so I had to do something quiet, and then you'll notice that I started on Mary-Kate and Ashley Two-Bad and got so tired of it that I didn't even put her in a scene with any Burger King food or Godzillas. :(
Wilhelm the hype is the only thing important in life now, forget everything else. :D JK
a hyperdimensional meatnormous sandwich is 80's.

it's hyperdimensional. so it's every decade:o

Hey wilhelm how do you post something on the hype, if you make something in paint?

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