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Crowley9 said:
Okay, another one by me: When Legion went back in time and ended up killing Xavier, why did all that M'kraan crystal stuff happen instead of the universe just splitting into another timeline?

tht m'kraan krystal stuff happend becos jean never became phoenix. as pheonix she stopped the m'kraan crystal from going crazy or sumthin in the 616 universe , bus since jean neva became pheonix she culdnt stop the m'kraan crystal from going crazy so it started going mad so gambits team had to go and stop it and also steal the crystal becos it linked all the realities together so with it they culd go back in time ( with destiniy and magiks help) and stop legion from killing xavier
there was a Nightcrawler AND a Wolverine prequel comic to X2. The Wolverine one took place between the movies and explians where Sabretooth was in the second one.:xmen:
Who was magneto's impostor?? after he revealed to be Xorn and killing lots of people in new york
Superbeasto said:
Who was magneto's impostor?? after he revealed to be Xorn and killing lots of people in new york
That was actually Magneto it seems at the moment.
Scarlet Witch rearranged reality so that It was and it wasnt though.. so Magnetos still alive. It gets confusing....
Oh, I've read the Wolverine can find it in a back issue of the Wolverine and Gambit Collector's Edition mag if you live in the UK.
Crowley9 said:
Where did Cable get the psimitar? What does it actually do?

When Psylocke and Shadow King had a Psi-War on the Astral Plane it damaged all people with mental powers. Nathan needs his powers to keep his virus from consuming his body so he got the Psimitar from that little blacksmith dude and it superpowered the very small remaing powers he had, so that they were strong enough to hold back his techno organic virus. Once everyone got thier powers back i think i just kept it.
Ok, im getting back to the x titles, and i bought Astonishing x-men #12 and theres this huge robot named danger who aparently is the A.I of the Danger Room???, Did it killed thousands of people???, and did Xavier knew that the danegr room had inteligece for itself and hide it??? What happened???!!!
Well if you didint pick up any issues before that then it is expected for you to be confused. Umm ok so the danger room used to just be lasers and knives and such but the Shi'ar gave it technology to be what it is today, with holograms and such. Now aparently the Danger Room got a brain sort of when this happened. So it has been learning everything about the Xmen when they fight in it so it knows everything about how to beat them. Now its brain has fully emreged and it has become its own being and is attacking the Xmen. Furthermore Xaver apperently knew about this because when the technology was put in to it, it said something to him and he kept it a secret from everyone.
Can someone explain the whole "Assault on Weapon Plus" arc? More specifically, the Euthanasium? I just got through reading the arc. I'm going to assume that the Euthanasium came after Weapon X (Wolverine) was created since he seemed to be made the "good old fashioned way." I'm not sure how "The World" works though. They make it seem like it's a whole community of people in there that are being messed why aren't there hundreds of Weapon Plus soldiers running around? They take people, inject them with sentinel tech., and speed up time while bombarding them with radiation to rapidly evolve them, right? The whole storyline has me a little lost. Is it because not all the artificially evolved humans turn out successfully? I don't think they ever explained that...unless I missed something.
Ok, im doing a xmen trailer, but im going to make it sorta funny

i need help on jokes i can add
(ps we cant good special effects, so take that in mind)

so far i have

wolverine giving finger with his middle metal blade
magneto to choking some1 with there metal necklace
i got storm making it rain but looks like she is enjoying it
a got a guy to think wow shes hot, but the girl is telepathic ;)
magneto using his powers to get a free coke out of a machine(tin)

anything esle, plz help me ppl

ps again. its all getting shot in a school, almost no budget and is a trailer
but anything that is funny would be good,


xmen1 btw
I'm still pretty new to the whole comic thing but i jumped into xmen:the end at the wrong time and i was wondering who exactly is cassandra nova and how is she xaviers twin sister.
i havent read a comic book since i was a kid in the early 80's and i was wondering if someone could help me find a certain issue. the thing that i remember the most about the issue is when colossus got turned into stone during a fight with phoenix i believe. he got hurteled to the ground and on his way back out of the ground he was either frozen or stone......any info would be greatly appreciated.................
In a fight between Gambit and Emma or Gambit and Colossus would he be able to charge their bodies? They always say Emma becomes organic diamond and Colossus turns into organic steel but would Gambit be able to charge them because it has been stated he can't charge organic things? Or would it not count in these cases?
I've been waiting for a while now for someone to ask this question, and I'm sure someone has but I haven't seen it, so anyway why the hell is Sabretooth on the (adjectiveless) X-Men team now? Considering last time he joined up he mangled Psylocke, injured a few others and was a complete *****ebag as only he can be, so I have to know what the lame excuse was they came up with to put him on the team this time?? I've been wracking my brain and have yet to come up with a reason why they would even consider such a thing...
Ok so how in the Hell is Franklin Richards a Mutant? Seriously does he have an X Factor Gene I mean I always though he just became superpowered because of his parents.
Okay - 2 not-so-stupid questions:

Why would Weapon X have laced Logan's bones with adamantium? the guy already heals so anything an opponent throws at him is no problem and doesn't an entire body of metal have some disadvantages? I can see giving him the claws (or sheathing his natural claws depends on what the story is) for weapons but does he really need his big toe laced with adam.? Also, at least in X2, if Logan feels threatened in any way, his claws come out whether he wants them to or not. That seems to me to be a bug in the system.

Have they ever addressed how long Storm can sustain control over the weather? If it is unlimited, then she ought to be out ending droughts and putting out huge forest fires rather than sitting around the mansion. The more logical storyline would be that she can only sustain it for short periods of time but I don't think I have ever seen that addressed.
Oh why is Uncanny X-Men refered to as The New Age when it comes out in TB?
Ok i was reading x-men:the end book 3 and it mentioned gambit bieng Mr. sinisters clone. Was this ever mentioned in his own series?

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