The Official Psylocke/Mei Melancon Thread

i still think mei was intended to be kwannon so im gonna stick with that.
Was an innocent joke. Just found that pic of her and make the manip, he.

She looks different, true?
Why do you insist on misleading people with your obsessive manips? Just plain weird.
was a simple joke, to see what do all you say... it's as simple as this...
Angamb said:
A possible future scene of the X-saga, who knows?

Storm teaching Psylocke to pilot the jet:

Haha... I love it. Probably not for reasons intended. Thanks for the laugh, though. :up:
Some people should take life less seriously, and more with the boards....
Angamb said:
Some people should take life less seriously, and more with the boards....

The only reason you're saying this is because people call you out on your manips...maybe you should not take your manips so seriously...just a suggestion.
that's exactly what I do, I take them as funny things, not profesional art, you know? that's why I don't understand well how there are users that take them so seriously, with negative comments, with each manip I post.

But what I don't want is spend all the next months explaining and explaining this issue. I''l be posting manips until I want, and won't be commenting more about that people's comments, because is a waste of time.

See you.
Okay then, so that means you wont be responding to the comments made on your manips from now on?

Back on topic, has anyone seen Mei Melancon in other films?
I'll comment when someone say anything not negative, like "it's all about manips" or "it's all about hair", or "post it only in the manips thread"... that kind of comments... you know... doesn't deserve more atention for my part, I think.

Well. See you. Go to bed.
"Post it in the manips thread" is not a negative's a reminder that there is a manips thread. I'm done with this conversation in this thread.
There isn't anything bad in posting a Psylocke manip in the Psylocke thread, or a Kitty one on hers. I don't post Storm manips in the Logan one. So when that comment is repetitive, it becomes negative to my person or my role here.

And I know, anyone could say know that my manips are negative for them, but that's is their problem, sorry.

And I closed the discussion for now and forever, hehe. Bye.
anyone know if there is any way to contact with her? an email? maybe her agent?

I think most of us would like to know what did she shot for X3....


Website for Mei's new film Irreversi:

Edit: There's a trailer on the official site above :)
already seen, a1ant, hehe. But is there a trailer yet?
Saw the trailer... interesting. But is she the star of the film? in the trailer she appears less than him.
A little late but happy 27th b-day to Mei. Her birthday was saturday.
simple thing, but I just would love to see Mei as Psylocke again.

Used caps from the trailer of irreversi.

And a bit info: a minutes ago I saw her imdb profile and she has two new films, after Irreversi. One of them, Loaded, has Vinnie Jones too, and there is a trailer already. Vinnie appears on it, but Mei I think is one girl that appears in the background of two shots. She has a small role here, but in the other movie, it seems she has one of the main roles.

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