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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Sarah Gadon in TASM2 Discussion Thread


Dr. Perky
Oct 15, 2007
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@ETCanada: Huge news for @sarahgadon - she just confirmed to us that she is joining The Amazing Spider-Man franchise pic.twitter.com/HpRcAMhQGU



Edit, mis-spelled her last name. My bad.
It's seemingly confirmed that she's joined the franchise, not which character she will play.
I remember her from a few television appearances a few years back, not sure what she's doing now. Her acting was ok but if she is MJ, I do think she's a improvement appearance wise.
Well this will be interesting. I wonder if the accusations of Sony wanting a model MJ will be prevalent?
Are we going to switch the title from IS to COULD BE as well because that would be hysterical.
I think we're at the point where someone should create a thread called "The Amazing Spider-Man 2 COULD BE Great", lol.
I meant to add maybe or possibly in the thread title, I just forgot...:oldrazz:
It's obvious she'll be MJ. There's no point in bothering with technicalities. This isn't Wikipedia.
Her name was first brought up as playing MJ, she's joining the "franchise" not the movie, so who the hell else is it going to be? It's plain obvious it's going to be MJ unless you just want to be picky about it.
yeah, we get the news she's joining the franchise the very next day we hear shailene is out. what else can it be, really?
Its not obvious she's Mary Jane. She could be any number of characters, including Black Cat.
Where is the confirmation on Coming Soon and on the trades websites?
This girl looks very accomplished, she's been working since she was 11. She made her debut in an episode of La Femme Nikita, aged 11, ever since then she has done a LOT of TV work and film work. She won an award for her movie Cosmopolis.

Her hair looks... redder in that picture. She's 26 years old so 3 years younger than Garfield.

Who here thinks she should shoot a scene for ASM2? I sure do, lol. I mean you've cast the girl, at least let her have a cameo.

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