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Dec 28, 2007
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Ok i have been monitoring the news on Transformers 3 for sometime and i think i know what to expect for the third movie. Now im going to reference some of the news relating to Transformers 3 that has already been posted in the news websites and forums.

Theory no.1 - The Cast
Everyone is speculating which autobots and decepticons will return for the sequel. This to me has always been a relatively easy one to figure out. It was a little more harder to work out for revenge of the fallen. Until we learnt the title... but majority of the character was predicted to appear and that even included the constructcons. Now so far i have found that Michael Bay is sticking with the familiar trilogy construct. The rule is first movie introduce the main characters, second movie expand on the characters by adding more into the mix, and third movie focus on exisiting characters development and only add one or two new characters. Although i had this in mind already, Michael Bay only recently confirmed this with "There will be less new characters" or however it was said. Now i have an idea of what story they will be following but i will come to that in Theory no.2, But here is a list of character i believe will be in Transformers 3.

Optimus Prime
Iron Hide
Jazz (Maybe Ressurected)

> Lazer Beak


(I'll cover this in Theory 3)

Now this is possibly all the Transformers you will see on screen. Either in big or smaller roles. Let me explain my thoughts... If you watch Transformers and Transformers 2, something very noticeable has occured by the choice of bots that have appeared and why.

It seems as if the villians need 1 car size decepticon to taunt the human characters, 2 tank or helicopter sized decepticon, at least 1 plane (Usually Starscream) then you have Megatron. Well consider this, Soundwave survived the last movie, His overal size is that of a car sized robot. I looked back at the previous movies and found Soundwave has had a connection to the two smaller decepticons that torment the human characters. in Transformers 1, although barricade was the car he housed Frenzie which was a casset of Soundwave in the movie. Then we look at transformers 2, and soundwave sends Ravage down to earth to steal the shard. So if your following the traditional trilogy Soundwave would decend to earth to torment the human characters, and he will probably bring Lazerbeak with him. Now megatron lost his battle and retreated with Starscream. Something i found interesting with Starscream is that he never had his buddies thundercracker and skywarp... but then, it's possible that he will team up with them to take on the autobots.
So then we are left with the big tank size decepticons... well, Shockwave appeared in the game but the game is considered not canon to the movie series. So i figure Shockwave & probably Straxus will fill those roles. Look at the big fights in the past two movies. 1. You had the autobots face Brawl, Blackout... But were forgetting one... The unique bot. In Transformer 1 it was clearly Scorpinox, just by its unusual design, and i guess Megatron too... In the 2nd movie it was The Fallen and Constructcons. Im guessing for the third we will see Galvatron and Unicron.

Now as you can see the isnt many new characters just pre-exisitng characters given bigger roles to play with only a small number of new characters.

so moving forward here is

Theory 2 - The Story
> Something that was made clear in both movies so far is that Transformers have been on earth for years. Unnoticed. And it seems to me that there is only one logical outcome and based on the year this movie is schedualed to appear. 2012... the story will in someway feature something from the end of the world. I feel the story is along the lines of Unicron is coming to earth and Megatron who wants rule the decepticons in the death of there prime The Fallen. Megatron basically wants to become a prime and by decieting Unicron he may achieve that. However i figure that only a prime can defeat something like Unicron. The story would be too reminiciant of Revenge of the fallen. So i figure a phrophecy will rear its head something along the lines of the birth of a new Prime. Which is why Hot Rod will feature in the movie. Only the new prime can defeat the all powerful Unicron. And i believe that the decepticons will fight there hardest to bring about the end of earth by stopping the autobots who are trying to stop Unicron. So that basically is the jist of the idea. Again shows that only one or two new characters are added and not a whole fleet of autobots and decepticons needed.

So lets move on to Theory 3 - The Humans.
> What i invision as a plot seems largely based on the transformers and not the human characters but i think the human characters have there own story in there own right. see i thought it was odd that two essential characters of the first movie was missing in the second. those being the characters of Glen Whitmann, Maggie Madsen. But judging by there skill theyre absence could easily be explained to decypher the 2012 prophecy that could be the story of the third movie. I mean we saw what happend to Simmons and he will probably return in the next movie. as for Sam and his family they will be thrown into it again. I figure that by the 3rd movie Sam realises he is just not any guy who can have a normal life. so Sam is pretty much going to be at the hot point of almost running the new sector 7 with simmons, leo, mikala and well the whole cast of fraggle rock.

So adding this all together you can see where they could potentially be for the next installment
Doesn't seem that far fetched. Back when they were advertising that they wanted some extra help for the previz, they specifically mentioned they wanted someone with Mayan experience.

The only thing though is that I don't know if Unicron really fits with the "less explosions" angle Bay mentioned.
Wall of words, too much unfounded speculation...bottom line: WHO CARES? Its going to be another Bay movie. Of course it will be stupid and no it wont be a trilogy, because as long as it keeps making money, they ll keep churning them out.
And if you mean that it will be a trilogy as in the thematic sense, you have to understand that Bay cannot comprehend the meaning of the word "plot" so he cant plan a trilogy based on some bigger overarching plot.
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