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Things to do in 2008


May 19, 2007
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It is a new year and with that comes a year full of events and happenings. Is there any specific event, concert, or occurence, other than movie releases, that any of you are looking forward to attending? Me, personally, I will be attending San Diego Comic Con this July......just curious as to what some of you HypeFolk do when you aren't here.
Things to do is get a car,
get a job
do better in my school work
go to Ozzfest
and try to go to the Comic Con this year(i doubt it)
February they start taking applications for volunteers for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.
i want to go to at least one big name concert this year
Get a job.
Start getting fitter, instead of fatter.
Go to San Diego Con.

Go to San Diego Con.

Go to San Diego Con.
See TDK million time on the big screen....
  • Enter a film into a film festival while trying to build up a filming rep.
  • Try get a job in photography
  • Travel to America
  • Get engaged

  • See TDK in Joker make up
Travel the country on $200 budget.

Good luck with that, $200 isn't even enough for gas.

I've already got a ticket to see Van Halen, would like to make it to Wizard World Chicago, past two years I've had plans that weekend that only allowed the briefest of visits.
Star in a full length feature

Start distributing a vastly improved bit of comic paraphernalia

Finish at least three more scripts

Sell a TV pilot

Produce a TV pilot or feature length movie..
I went to Bonnaroo last year, and would LOVE to go again this year :up:

so far I'm off to a good start;

got a phat new ride, quit smoking squares, am starting to get back into healthy shape (after the holiday gorge-a-thon), start drawing again . . . everyday . . . and need to practice the drums more . . . I'm getting sloppy :(

also to slay as much poon as humanly possible :D :o
Get my permit
Lose wight
Get better grades
Get a car
Make that stack of books I have on top of my bookcase shrink by finally reading them.

Complete at least half of the games I bought in the last year and a half.

Get a better car.
Planning to comsume large quantities of drugs are ya?
i think i'm going to o.d. on the hype.
Find out just what happened to that oil rig in the Mid-Atlantic...

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