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Thor Score

Good but the movie should have been scored by either the guys from DragonForce or some kind of band that sounds like Thor would listen to.
Listening to the score with Walk, the Trailer music, and I can Help added to it. :D
If only Basil Poledouris were still around :(
but we have someone who is as good as Basil Castus from the band Corvus Corax.
have you heard them ? dude they are amazing.

do we have a reason why Gene didnt let God of Thunder be included in the Soundtrack when it was clearly used in the posters ?

Well "the God of Thunder" has been used by Marvel alot longer than Gene had used it.
I've managed to track down the film version of 'Thor Kills The Destroyer', and some earlier attempts Doyle took. I've tried for ages to convert it to mp3 but it won't, so I can't upload it to youtube.

I think I can send it via email though, so if anyone wants it feel free to PM me.
wow, dusting this off for One smoke ;)
One thing I missed in TDW is some rock n Roll

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