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Thor's Powers and Strength

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Jan 18, 2012
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I propose a thread! (if its pointless, someone go ahead and close it), but personally I feel its necessary because I think there should be a thread dedicated to this.

What would you guys like to see of Thor's powers displayed? And what type of strength feats?

What we got so far

-hammer throws,
-weather manipulation

Flipping a table
- Body Slamming Loki
- Body Slamming Ironman
- Fighting Hulk without his hammer

Now personally, I hope we get a little more out of Thor, and we get to see him display his full range of powers. And more impressive strength feats. This is what want to see explored for the next movie.

- Weather Manipulation without the Hammer
- Opening portals with Mjolnir
- Energy blasts, since we probably wont get "anti matter" blasts, maybe we will get energy blasts, and as fans, we can kind of just assume
- Throwing Mjolnir while it's engulfed in lightning

- Some impressive lifting feats, lifting up pillars, or throwing one
- grappling with some larger enemies, and throwing them away, enough to make you go, WOW, he really is strong

Like I said, this thread may not be necessary, but in other Thor threads, people have mentioned his powers in the MCU, so I figured I would create a thread dedicated specifically to his powers, and what not.

So, if you may....

Discuss :thor:
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