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Discussion in 'The Punisher' started by MessiahDecoy123, Nov 18, 2017.


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  1. Iceman

    Iceman Daffy Duck Vs The Joker

    Dec 27, 2005
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    I’m surprised how much I’ve got into it.
  2. PunisherFan7123

    PunisherFan7123 New Member

    Jan 23, 2018
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    Am I a little late to the party to post a reply? Well


    I definitely loved the series due to it's just ability to pull me in each episode, at some points pulling me out of my seat. Jon Bernthal definitely made a great Punisher and I look forward to the seasons to come!

  3. portace

    portace Member

    Jan 23, 2018
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    Punisher probably had the best main character development and most plausible antagonist and plotline. The terrorist soldier kid was completely out of place though.

    Better than DD, Iron Fist and Luke Cage which had weak story lines. Way too much meaningless fighting. Weak character development. Couldn't even finish Luke Cage it was so bad. JJ was ok, but it dragged on too long and needed to be cut in half.

    All the generic villain plots ("I want to take over the world", "I want to destroy this city", "I'm part of an evil organization", etc.) are so bad nowadays. Any show/movie that features these villain types need to have their writers axed. Any show/movie that just gives you action scene after action scene with a weak story line is also terrible. Unfortunately, it's representative to a lot of (not every) DC/Marvel productions.
  4. NotNickFury

    NotNickFury Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2016
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    Having just finished it a few minutes ago, this definitely felt like the most humane of the Marvel Netflix shows. Perhaps it's the subject matter, the degree to which we see war and how it affects soldiers, Lewis' struggles, Frank's recurring nightmares, Madani's investigation and how Stein's death impacts her, Micro's family, it's all powerful stuff.

    And while I like Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, and Finn Jones to an extent in their respective roles, Bernthal is the first of these lead roles since Charlie Cox who convincingly carried this from start to finish. That isn't to downplay Ritter, Colter, or Jones or to say that they're bad, but Bernthal's performance just resonates with me a lot more than those three did.

    Plus, love that Karen was used sparingly. It would've been easy to weave her into the entire season or just bring her in and not do much. She wasn't a 'Claire is in Iron Fist just because' sort of situation. Granted, it's too easy to have Lewis mail that letter to her in particular because of her connection and she's an established character. I mean, does anyone else at that newspaper actually write stories?

    But that aside, solid season.
  5. dmcreif

    dmcreif Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2017
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    Gotta agree with you about the role Karen plays in the Lewis storyline. I don't like that she's been put into yet another traumatic, horrible, life-threatening situation, on top of everything else she’s already been through. She's still mourning her boyfriend who died in Midland Circle, can't the poor girl catch a break? And for what reason? An argument can be made that Karen's own actions, past and present, are what drew Lewis’ attention to her in the first place, but I honestly see the existence of that entire plot thread as nothing but a plot device to get Frank involved.

    Think about it. The moment Frank hears Lewis threaten Karen on the radio, he drops everything in his crusade against Rawlins—the entire main plot line of the show—for two entire episodes, to go on a sidequest. I spent the early part of the season wondering how Lewis was going to tie into the main plot, or if he ever would at all. And the way he finally did was with a damsel in distress story.

    I do appreciate that Karen is not completely helpless in the hotel episode. She does get to take an active part in getting herself out of that situation, like she did with Wesley and the Hand. The scene where Frank lets her know which wire to pull to disarm the bomb certainly was great without Lewis noticing was great. But at the same time, Karen's role in the Lewis storyline feels like…well, whatever is the name for nonfatal fridging. Because Karen was made to suffer just to give Frank a compelling enough reason that he would risk everything to go after Lewis. And I am not okay with that, no matter how cool some of the individual bits of that episode happen to be. (Couldn't they have just used Lewis's and Frank's connection with Curtis to motivate Frank into pursuing Lewis?)

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