TOTEMBALL on XBLA in a few hours!


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Jul 31, 2001
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Playing with Xbox Live® Vision just got a little physical now that TotemBall is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. The gesture-based game uses Xbox Live Vision to control the characters in the game. Help Pterry the Pturtel uncover all the musical totems while grooving to your own "totem" beat.

With Xbox Live Wednesdays in full swing, the game is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from Xbox Live Arcade, starting Wednesday, October 4, at 0800 GMT (1:00 A.M. Pacific). Anyone with a Gold or Silver membership can download the game at no charge to the Xbox 360™ Hard Drive or Memory Unit.

Play through colorful levels using Xbox Live Vision.

When the ancient Ptolmec tribe simultaneously discovered gunpowder and barbeque, the explosive results scattered their musical totems across the jungle! Now Pterry the Pturtle must roll over mountains, cross islands, scale pyramids, and battle giant pinball games to retrieve the lost totems and bring music back to the party.

Modes and Features

With high-definition graphics, Xbox Live Vision camera compatibility, Xbox Live Achievements and Leaderboards, this next-gen title provides hours of fun. The multiple game modes including the following:

TotemBall: With camera-controlled platforming gameplay, control the characters in the game by moving your hands in the air and gesturing in front of the camera.

Juggling: Try the co-op juggling game with one player using Xbox Live Vision and the other player "juggling" totems with the controller.

Pinball: Play any of the bonus pinball tables you’ve unlocked through regular TotemBall play.

Freeplay: Explore the game with no time pressure and infinite lives—it’s a great mode for kids.

Super Challenge: Play the entire game with one life and a time limit in each level.

TotemJam: Freely mix and match the game’s musical totems, another fun exploration game for kids.

With hi-def graphics, ten platform levels, three pinball table "village" levels, and multiple hidden bonus areas, the game will keep the whole family entertained. There’s also a Free Play mode for non-competitive playtime and practice.

That's, what.... 3AM EST??

So, TOTEMBALL in just under 4 hours! Yeah!
cant wait, first eye-toyish game that I can use the camera with, awesome :o
:huh: :huh:
I know YOU are. You know HOW I know??

Cause your ($@* tastes like #*%$.
Geesh. It took long enough, but it's finally online!

At the moment it's not listed under "Newly Released Downloads", but you can find it under "Xbox Live Arcade" -> "Newly Released Downloads".

Downloading now! :up:
I'm gonna download it... but I don't have a camera.. so it'll be useless until I get one.
Jesus Christ. Unless you're completely frontlit and have nothing in the background, this controls like ass. I thought Microsoft said the Live Vision would actually track movement, and not just light change like the EyeToy. So far, it only seems to be tracking light change.

Thank God this is free, and that the camera is mostly for video chat, because otherwise this would have been the most useless accessory for the 360 by a definite margin.
Kinda pointless since the XBL Vision Camera is still AWOL :confused:
Mentok said:
Kinda pointless since the XBL Vision Camera is still AWOL :confused:

Still can't find it?? Damn. My store finally got them in about a week ago. Have 4 or 5 sitting in the store aren't near Parkersburg, WV by any strange chance are ya? :p
I don't like the idea of wierd controls. Your arms will get so tired of that game.

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