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World Turkish Version of Donner's Superman or something

Well, you HAVE to admit that this is funny. Down the the name coincidence.
Okay, maybe not funny. Curious, then?
Well, I just wanted to show you something that´s rare. Sorry about that. You can close it now.
You had good intentions, but yeah it should be closed.
Just a question: did you guys ever saw that clip before?
Well, It was better than nothing. Thanks.

Maybe I should go watch this movie first, then Superman Returns will really blow my socks off!
Turkish Superman: *eyes of a trained killer*

Ignore this thread, let it drop off and let the Mod's kill it! dont keep pushing it up, people!

Dammit, now look what you made me do!
I'm so pissed.

*destroys a small New England town*
ROBOCOP CPU001 said:
what the hell was that?

Turkish version of Donner´s Superman. Curiously, the turkish title translaters to "Superman Returns".
really? they used the same Tech as the George reeves series..

misleading title though dude... sorry to say you will be flamed..any mod who reads this please move it to super world.. it doesn't need to be closed.


stay out of trouble.
ROBOCOP CPU001 said:
misleading title though dude...

Well, misleading it is, but it´s not a lie.

It is a trailer, it is a real movie, and it is called SUPERMAN RETURNS. Only in turkish. :)

I am Turkish and shamed to say I have not seen that before. I am not surpised, the Turks did alot of other hollywood copies.
Wow. Supes spent a lot of time *****-slapping the bad guys. Papa Spank!

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