Two More Stallone Flicks On The Way - Including possible Rambo and Rocky films

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Oct 24, 2004
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Source: The Hollywood Reporter



The other week, when we were in the States, this Empire correspondent paid good money to check out the return of Sylvester Stallone’s other big-screen icon, Rambo – and we weren’t disappointed by one of the truly enjoyable guilty pleasures of the last year or so. Heads exploding, guts flying, people being cut in half by heavy machine gunfire – it’s one of the most extraordinarily violent mainstream movies in years, and yet one which carries a surprising weight.

And with decent success in the States (despite a well-earned R rating), Stallone is suddenly hot again. Or, if not hot, then certainly quite warm – and he’s parlayed that status into a deal with his Rambo producers, Nu Image/Millennium Films’ Danny Dimbort, Avi Lerner and Trevor Short, for two more, as-yet unannounced, action films.

It looks like at least one of the two scripts – to be written by Stallone, who will also produce - will be yet another Rocky or Rambo movie, to which we say, let Mr. Balboa enjoy his retirement in peace. Rocky Balboa was a pretty definitive end to that saga. Rambo, on the other hand, could easily sustain a fifth outing and be taken in any number of directions.

We would, though, like to see Stallone do something different that doesn’t depend on a wave of retro affection for his classic characters. Only time will tell. However, if he does feel the need to resurrect any more of his past icons, we can’t be alone in wanting to see the return of Tango & Cash, can we?
I really didn't like Rambo, and he better not ruin the great ending he gave to the Rocky series.

He should do something knew.
I'm alll for rambo but i think he should let rocky rest peacefully.
Stallone said he won't do another Rocky or Rambo.
this two movie may be other franchises.

Classic roughandtoughrockemsockem badasses.... classic.

I say there's a pretty serious shortage of them in Hollywood.....

Can you imagine if Stallone's gonna be in a movie simultaneously with Chuck Norris, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, Bill Duke, The Rock and a cameo from Arnold Governator??

Man I can just see it plain as day....

"Get to the choppah!!!"
click-click. BOOM
The movie's gonna explooode!!!!!!

and so will my head :woot:
No more Rocky, please. :csad:
the last rocky film was a nice and dignified end to the series, and should be left alone.

rambo could go in any number of directions, though.
Yeah please just leave Rocky alone. I had doubts about "Rocky Balboa" but it turned out a lot better than I expected. Just leave it be. That was the way to end it.
I agree that Rocky should be left alone. Rocky Balboa was a great ending to the story and that's how it should be left.

Rambo? I personally feel Rambo should be left alone, but I think it'd be cool to see Stallone write and direct a prequel with the Mercenaries that were in Rambo. But the more I think about it, and as crazy at this sounds, maybe Stallone should direct an adaptation of the Mercenaries game? I don't know it's just watching them on screen gave me a perspective on that's how I viewed the video game. I would LOVE to see a story with them in that fashion with a non-stop, gritty, violent, and gruesome film that shows their beginnings.
I say bring on a Tango and Cash Sequel. Get Stallone and Russell!
"Stop or My Mom Will Shoot 2" FTW.
Those two shouldn't have been made in the first place.
i was thinking, maybe he can do another rocky movie, but he'd be the trainer this time, like mickey?
Stallone has said in interviews before that he really wants to re-make Deathwish, which I would bet is one of the two.
didnt sly said that rackoy balboa was the end?
he even admiths that he knew that a lot of people were angry at him that he wanted to end the rocky franchise with rocky 5. thats why he made rocky balboa.
Rocky got a great conclusion with Rocky Balboa. But I'd love to see another Rambo movie. Keep it gritty and real feeling. Avoid the cartoony feel of Rambo 3.

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