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Aug 2, 2004
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Does anyone in this foum watch this show?
What happened to the old thread? I tried searching for it and nothing turned up. Can you not search archived threads? Oh well. I watch the show, and have been watching since the first season. This season seems to be pretty good so far. All the crappy fighters are getting eliminated first so hopefully the fights will get better and better. One thing I do miss is the challenge's they did in season 2. But I guess that is all up to the coaches.
The challenges, to be fair, were sort of a waste of time where the fighters could wear themselves out and risk injury. Remember the state Joe and Mike were in after 200+ rotations in the one challenge?
Anyway, I'm calling Bisping as the winner at Light-Heavy.. not so sure about Middleweight, but I guess I could pull for Calib.
Wow, I didn't know that there was an Ultimate Fighter thread.

Hated UFC until I got into Ultimate Fighter 2.
Still don't really like UFC that much, but I like this show.
It's weird.

Pretty good show, btw.
Warhammer said:
Hated UFC until I got into Ultimate Fighter 2.
Still don't really like UFC that much, but I like this show.
What in the world is the appeal of the show to you if you don't like the sport?
I dont know.
Like I said, it's weird.

Kinda like how some people enjoy watching baseball live, but not on tv.
My main observations so far:
-Ken is not looking so good. He's looking old, occassionally confused, and he just doesn't seem to be doing a good job training these guys (I just get a "high school football movie" vibe from him). I think editing probably makes him seem far more slack than he really is in comparison to Tito, though. The camera always lies.
-I don't like Matt Hamill nearly as much as most people seem to. I get that he's Tito's pet project and all, but anyone that's pushing it too hard in practice (which is understandable, don't get me wrong) as he seems to, and risking the well-being of those around him, doesn't get much in the way of props from me.
I got mad when Solomon went home.
I thought he was the best in that match, but the other guy got good shots and knocked him out.

I want someone on Shamrock's team to win, because they make him look like a slacker.
Well, no-one knows what the next match up will be, but I don't see Danny beating Ed in the final middleweight matchup. Of course, we haven't seen a tonne of Danny in the show, but if the guys at Team Quest think "Short Fuse" is all that, I'm betting on him.
Hey, maybe Tait will be a sleeper, break the losing streak for Team Shamrock.
I want Team Shamrock to at least win one match.
I like Ortiz's team better.

They make Shamrock look like a slacker though.
On the whole, what does everyone think of the quality of the fighters on this season? As I said, Bisping's looking fairly good, as is Hamil, and Kalib and Ed seem to come with all of the right credentials. While season 2 was somewhat lacklustre, especially looking at the less than impressive performances that Rashad and Joe gave in their UFC debuts, I cannot possibly see how the validity of the TUF fighters can be questioned right now, especially following Forrest Griffin's split decision loss to Tito Ortiz, of all people, and Diego Sanchez's victory over Nick Diaz. These events place the original "Ultimate Fighters" at least within firing range of the top 5 fighters in the UFC, if not better.

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