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Jul 24, 2007
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chapter 1 arival
Spike Witwicky, president of the United States, was woken up by a frantic security guard at eight in the morning. "Mr.President, Mr.President! your late for the international peace confrence. It starts in five minutes and they will start with or without you." Spike jerked his head up instantly and got out of bed and ran toward a chair with a tuxedo on it and in a matter of seconds had it on. Spike got out of his room in the White House and ran down the stairs only to find the head of security and his sixteen year old son Daniel. "Sir we have an armoured van outside that will escort you to the confrence at the capital building" said the security guard "that will take too long, im taking my ferrari and theres nothing you can do to stop me" replied spike in a harsh tone as he headed toward the door. "Dad, can you drive me to My highschool baseball game today, I promised my friends i'd show them your car" asked Daniel "Im sorry Daniel but you know how important this meeting means to me, your friends can see my car some other time" and just as he said that Spike left the white house.

Spike ran down the huge side walk toward his ferrari and started unlocking the door when all of a suden one of the sections of the sidewalke lifted up and a security guard came out and yelled "Mr.President" you need to get under ground now!" Spike looked up and saw a huge fireball coming toward him and he ran to the security guard and went under the sidewalk into an underground tunnel and took cover. All of a suden there was a huge thud and the ground shook. Spike poked his head out from underground and saw a huge piller of smoke coming out from where his car once was. "dont worry sir, we'll take your private subway to the capital building" said the security guard as him and Spike ran to the private subway that would take him straight to the capital building

Daniel was under the White house when the meteor hit "Oh my god, im going to miss my game because of this!" exclaimed daniel as he walked up the stairs from the underground bunker him and the security guards were taking cover in. Daniel was about to walk out the door when all of a suden he heard someone shout "Daniel get back here! you know its not safe out there" Daniel turned around and saw that it was Captain William Lennox, the head of security, "Im tired of this presidential bull crap! Now I have a game to catch and no one, not even you can stop me" yelled Daniel as he walked out the door. Daniel looked around and didnt see any damage, His dad's ferrari seemed to have a way bettar paint job and was way cleaner than it was before. My dad must have used his subway or something, that means i get to drive his car thought Daniel to himslef as he ran down the sidewalk and hoped into his fathers new red ferrari.

Daniel was in the ferrari and driving to the school when all of a suden a drag racer like police cruiser pulled up to Daniel with his siren on and said over its loud speaker "Daniel Witwicky pull over, You are in grave danger." Daniel ignored the cop and tried to out run him but the cop was too fast. Suddenly a grey jet flew over their heads while a couple blocks ahead them a black surveillance van with a satelite on its roof pulled into the middle of the road. Somehow the surveillance taped into the ferraris radio and it said "Surender now autobot or we'll kill the boy". Out of no where the jet above them did a back flip and starting shooting its machine gun toward the ferrari. All of a suden to police cruiser flew into the air and the car's front to its back wheels split into two and then end flipped forward like feet, the back wheels of the car and the sides of the car fliped out of the side of the car and hands came out of the ends while the back of the car fliped back and revealed a head with a cubey face and healmet like shell around it, part of the back of the car fliped onto its shoulder and a missle silo was revealed on its tip.

"What the hell is going on here!" yelled Daniel as he sped up. Daniel was headed straight for the surveillance and he couldnt slow down. Daniel's ferrari was inches away from the car when it came to a complete stop. The ferrari's side doors fliped up and the seat that Daniel was sitting in ejected and landed a few yards away. The ferraris roof slid to the side of the car and than both sides of the car and its back doors came out of the side revealing slim arms with the back wheels on their shoulders, one arm shielded by the to of the car, the other side shielded by one of the doors. the front of the car slid back covering where the top had been while the front of the car ejected and transformed into a missle launcher type weapon, slim legs with the front wheels on there knees were revealed when the front of the car moved. The back of the car fliped to the robots back revealing a head. The top of the head was like a healmet, one of the eyes was red with a yellow class infront of it. The robot used his weapon to shoot at the surveillance van but it drove out of the way before the missle hit him.

Daniel ran from the scene and into and alley where he found a dumpster which he hid behind. Daniel pulled out a small car about the size of a hot wheel out of his pocket and a small T.V. screne with buttons on its side out of the other that was about the size as a P.S.P. This little car was really a remote control car with a camera on the end of it that Daniel had recieved for Christmas one year. Daniel used some buttons on the side of the T.V. screne so he could control the car and see what was going on from a safe distance. Daniel drove the car out of the alley and studied the two robots that had apeared. The cop robot was dodging bullets from the jet that had flown over his car. The cop robot jumped into the air and shot a missle out of his shoulder missle launcher. The missle hit the jet and it plumeted toward the ground. Right before plane hit the ground the jet somehow stoped and hovered in the air with its nose pointing straight up. The tip of the nose of the jet flipped to its back and the middle flipped on its front revealing a head that looked like a helmeat without the the eyes, nose, or mouth covered. The jets main wings and machine guns on the jet fliped around and the jets recangular turbines under its wings fliped down and hands ejected from the ends, the small wings at the back of the jet fliped forwar and a rectangular plate under each wing fliped out and made feet. The robot completed its transformation and landed on the ground than ran towar the police car robot and tackled him cause i fight to break out.
The cop car and the jet had been rolling around trying to get in the better position of the fight. The car robot rolled ontop of the jet and looked up and said to the ferrari "Sideburn, you go after Soundwave, i can handle Starscream for now" "Are you sure, you look like you could use some help Mirage" asked the ferrari now known as sideburn." "Just shut up and drive" yelled Mirage as he lost hist strength and Starscream rolled ontop of him. Sideburn transformed into his ferrari form and drove off after the surveillance van while Daniel's car followed them.
Sideburn saw the surveillance van and came to a stop. Sideburn transformed and pulled his gun out and aimed it at the van. The van started making strange sounds and parts of it started to move. The back of the van seperated into four parts. the bottom two parts flipped down and the wheels shifted to the end of the leg type sections while the top two sections seperated into three parts making the arms. The arms and legs shifted under and to the side of the front of the van while the satelite on its top moved to its shoulder. Finally the head fliped out from the back of its chest. The head had a face plate over its mouth and one gogle shaped eye. The robot named Soundwave spoke up in a computerized voice and said "I already gave you the chance to surrendor autobot, now i have no choice but to destroy you." Soundwave pushed a button on his satelite and a screaching sound came out of it breaking all of windows of the building around him and making Sideburn drop to his knees. Siderburn yelled in agony as he put his hands on the side of his head. Soundwave turned off the screaching sound and walked toward Sideburn and kicked him in the chest making him fall on his back. Sound wave put his foot on Sideburn's head and said "You have no idea what im going to do to get the information out of that boy" but before Soundwave could do anything a gun fired off from far away and the bullet hit sound wave in his chest making him fall back. Sideburn used this time to get up and face Soundwave. Sideburn shot a missle at Soundwave's satelite. The explosion caused Soundwave to fall on the ground. SIdeburn walked up to Soundwave and pointed his gun at him. "You think you've won autobot, well your wrong," said Soundwave as he opened up his chest and pulled out a black and grey rectangle and a red and white rectangle. "Ravage, find and kill the boy, Laserbeak, go get the coordinance of the capital building so Megatron, Onslaught and Blitzing can destroy it" commanded soundwave.

The bottom of the black and grey rectangle fliped down forming leg shaped parts while the other parts of the bottom fliped even farther forward, one side formed a dog shaped head while the other formed a tail, Finally the top fliped out into two rectangular squares with a round silo inside that two missles poinet out of. The square formed a strange wolf robot that ran off and bit the small remote control car that Daniel was driving. The other rectangle was much thiner than the one that formed a wolf. The bottom sides of the rectangle fliped down and forward and formed metal talons, the head came out of the bottom of the rectangle just like the other one did, The top sides of the rectangle fliped to the side forming wings and on the back jet rockets came out, the newly formed mechanical bird took off and flew toward the capital building. "Make your joice autobot, you can finish me off, save the world leaders, or save the boy, but remember, whatever choice you make, someone dies!" said Soundwave in a sinister voice as Sideburn just stood there and tried to make a decision.
if you read my story can you please comment. there are a couple questions i need answered by fans. my first one is who do you want to see. im planing on putting in onslought, megatron, blitzwing, tidal wave or trypticon which ever the fans choose and im going to add the dinobots combaticons and maybe the dredacons and if i feel like it il have overdrive and jetfire just so they can combine with optimus like in armada so he can fight bruticus or predaking. and do you want me to have alout of transformers and just have them fight them seperate in groups whenever they fight the decpticons. kind of like they did with g1. or should i just have a few so people wont get mixed up with all the transformers. and i heard that some people want shockwave in the story but i doubt i will do that considering that i think i will make megatron a turret or cannon like weapon like galvatron did. and i saw 56 people viewed the story so can the next person who reads this please reply to some of these questions
come on 84 views and only like 4 of them are mine, is anyone going to answer the question
well i never got around to then next part and no one ever answered the question and i thin il just let this die cause i saw the new TMNT movie and i was amazed at how good it was and i thought it would be dumb looking at the commercials. aai think i might do a more violant version of them.
well the thing is i dont have a scanner and if i could add pics of drawing i did i wold have to take a picture of it and post it. but i guess people can just let this die cause ive already done the first chapter of my tmnt fan fic

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