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Feb 25, 2002
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What should be the perfect lineup for Uncanny 500? Which X-Men just "must" be on the team??? Which will be???
Where's Iceman? I would have voted for all the original X-men.
I only listed the important X-Men, and we all know he's not gonna make it :p (I also forgot Beast and Warren... man I hate hangovers :( )
Yeah, I'd go with the original x-men plus Emma, maybe changing Angel for Wolverine, because I can't see Warren doing anything good for the team.
I'd love to see Professor X, Cyclops, Storm, Logan, Kurt, Colossus, Banshee, Kitty, Maggott and Jean. I suppose the other members of the original five should be there too.
The second gen is more recognizable and loveable, I choose them :D
The originals got the book cancelled, the second gen made the X-Men known in the entire world. Hence they are more recognizable :D And people just like them more, or else it'd be Cyclops in every Marvel book instead of Logan :p
Marvel Girl, Polaris and Havok are on the list but not Iceman and Beast?

well, lets see. I'd like the originals minus Jean and Storm and Wolverine, IF he has free time

I wanted Rogue and Jean, but that's just messy
Anyone but Jean. Seriously. They still have a lot of things to do/deal with before the Phoenix drama comes yet again knocking on their bloody door.

I'd go with Bru's current roster with 'Ro, Beast and Iceman.

First and Second class, baby.

And just so we're clear, IF Jean was alive, I'd want her in it.
I think it's going to be Summers, Frost, Warren, Piotr, Logan, Ororo and Kurt, so you get a cute mixture of both first and second gen (plus blonde Jean) :D
I think it's going to be Summers, Frost, Warren, Piotr, Logan, Ororo and Kurt, so you get a cute mixture of both first and second gen (plus blonde Jean) :D
oh please dont insult Jean like that
The original X-Men. Nothing more.
True dat.
Id just have the original four members sat around in a pub for the whole issue complaining about how old theyre getting and how good things used to be back in the old days. it would be CLASSIC!
haha boring
and the good old days were NOT that good. except for no aliens, alternate universes or time traveling
I haven't collected any of the X-books recently but I've stayed abreast by visiting this site and others. I would have to say my roster would be:

Cyclops- the leader, the proverbial golden boy of the X-men IMHO. When I think of the X-men, Cyclops has got to be there. He's got leadership skills, a powerful mutant ability and does what's right (even though right now I question his motives).

Storm- co-leader, my dear Ororo (my first X-love) is my favorite X-man. Her mutant ability is god-like and she's got a wonderful personality: warm, caring, strong and unyielding. She's got to be on my team. End of story.

Wolverine- what can I say about the old caknuckle-head, Wolvie is synonomous with the X-men. He's the anti-hero of the group but he's got the biggest heart too. His savagery, experience and abilities are needed within the X-men.

Shadowcat- Kitty is that character you just love to see. I really like the way Kitty has matured and become this iconic X-man. She brings something special to the table and even though there are other superheroes and beings that can become intangible and phase through things, no one can do it like Kitty.

Colossus- the big, strong, metal guy. Pete is so much more than a powerhouse he's got a heart of gold and genuinely wants to help people. I just like Colossus he's got a prescence that's undeniable and he's an artist. He's a keeper. Plus he and Kitty are my all time favorite X-couple.

Pixie- Don't know much about her and I haven't collected or read any of New X-men (I think I'm going to now, recommend the best arcs for me folks) Read about her on wikipedia; she sounds interesting especially after the "Quest for Magik" arc. IMO she'd be the most interesting character out of the New X-men to join Uncanny. I kind of see her being the new "Kitty Pryde".

Nightcrawler- the religious, demonic-looking teleporter. I really like Nightcrawler. I see him keeping the X-men centered and honest. Kurt is just a pleasure to see when he's in action. I think Kurt should be apart of the lineup; he's definitely apart of mine.

Jean- Now I know alot of people would like Jean to stay dead. I agree. I feel Marvel should start making deaths final. It would make consequences and regrets mean something and bring more depth overall. Jean's been resurrected to the point of complete, cerebral breakdown, but I like Jean. She's a powerful mutant and IMO every X-team needs a Psi on it. Jean is my favorite psionic mutant. IF they could bring Jean back for the last time and completely sever her connection to Phoenix in any and all ways, I'd welcome her back. She would be on my X-roster.

Well that's it; all I ask for the X-men's future is that it's written with originality, continuity and with all the elements that have made X-men, IMO, the top Marvel team book ever.
I'd just have the remaining original X-Men sitting Harry's Tavern, shooting the breeze, about the past, the present and the future.
They don't do that anymore don't they? How long it's been since we saw the X-Men just hang at Harry's??? I think the last time I can remember is X-Men 28, but it was a meeting about what to do with Sabretooth...
Realisticly I would do 500 with all of them.I see Scott making the Xmen into one big organization with active team members and members who train at the school. Then based on the needs of the mission Scott would build the strike team. Need a high powered team grab Storm, Havok and other high powered Xmen. Need a stealth mission send in Nightcrawler. Need to observe someone Warren flying as high as he can can see it all.
I know Cyclops will be there, but any team with Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine, and Kitty will be great!

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