Under Armour Shoes!

Looks good, I'm due for a new pair. I like the Evade's.
They're becoming the next Nike it looks like.

But they've still got a long ways to go.
Hope they perform as well as the clothing. I'll probably wind up buying a pair...need new running shoes anyway. My New Balance are starting to give me shin splints. :down
A long way, indeed. Still, I'll probably end up with a pair or two. I saw the commercial during that football thing and thought they looked pretty good.
I hope they have a selection for wide-footed people. Like me. :csad:
Scratch that, the women's are ugly. :down
I'm still pissed the Super Bowl commercial didn't have someone yelling "WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!" :down
I like it all . makes me feel athletic just wearing it.
Depending on your shoe size, boys shoes easily fit. And the boys' Under Armour go up to a 7, which is a women's 9.

Yeah, actually I have a pair of shoes that are boys. They were cheaper than women's. But I have an attachment to Nike and DC and I'm not too crazy about these. I'm sure they'll come out with a lot more styles soon, though.
Very good company with very high quality product.
I'm kinda interested in these. I need a good pair of workout shoes, and the evades sound like exactly what i was looking for, while still having the best price tag. I'll need to wait until they hit stores, however, because I have wide feet, and most athletic stuff doesn't fit right.
May 3rd is the day the prototype releases.

And the day that the world comes together.
Not a fan of Under Armour...it's overpriced for what it is. I prefer Nike.
Will the shoes also be skin-tight, and look really awkward on fat feet?

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