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Uriondo & Maronnx Artwork


Mar 21, 2005
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Maronnx and Uriondo, both from Spain, will post here all our artwork, so you can enjoy it!
I present to you Abigail Whistler in a manga style, courtesy of my girlfriend, ms. Maronnx...

not very fond of the bow. looks like it's not really a part of the picture. but, other than that, some kickin' work there. kudos!
yea, keep the bow out and it'll look awesome. Digging the looks though. great curves and curls
The reason the bow looks weird (to me) is because its so... damn.... level...?

If she was holding it differently, maybe.
yeah the bow caught my eye first...is that a bad thing? not really, the bow is kick ass.

maybe its cuz the gradients on the bow and no grandients anywhere else? possibly.

good job tho. keep it up
it's the gradients. that is what stood out. it should be shaded like the rest of the piece... it's hard to explain. the gradients just make it stand out. like... as if it was popping out of the picture and leaving her and everything else behind...
I'm not familiar with Ghost Rider, but does he use AND a horse AND a motorcycle???

nop, he only uses a motorbike, it´s only a joke...
He is not Superman...
he is not Superman

Mr. Parker, a cruel magic empowered dictator, once a hero, dressed like a friggin butterfly that looks a little stoned out and about ready to go knock over the seven eleven of reality

Good lord his nipples are high. Otherwise cool... The shine is kind of distracting too.
Good point... this what I call "constructive criticism"...
So... Nipples down!

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