Vol. 3 Preview from Jules Verne Festival!!


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Jun 3, 2003
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Here's the clip. Just scroll down a little bit, and click on the spoiler button for the video to drop down:


k, so I went to the Jules Verne Festival for Heroes: The Event in LA and. Dude. Dude. They showed footage from the third volume, "Villains." DO NOT peek behind the cut unless you want to be spoiled!

SYLAR, and lots of him. It's hard to describe exactly what we were shown--most of it must have been a dream sequence or future-jump scenario because everyone was dead. The bodies of the main cast were littered around what looked like a trashed Company prison. I can only remember Claire (dressed as a cheerleader) and Matt's bodies clearly, but it was pretty grotesque (yay! Not a lot of that this season).

Apparently there will be the equivalent of "Seven Sylars running around." It sounds like seven killers with abilities, locked up by The Company, have escaped. The only one prominently featured was a lithe black man who seemed to have preternatural speed--and used that to rip a cop's heart out of his chest (or did something with it that killed the guy because he was very much dead afterwards). If I remember correctly all the other killers were just shadows in the asylum's hallway. IMO it looks like Sylar may be the one to break these people out, since he is seen killing at least three people for their abilities... but perhaps he does so unintentionally, who knows. The "Seven Sylars" line is directly from the trailer and I don't think he'd invite that kind of competition. He probably breaks into the Company building wanting revenge and discovers they have a bunch of special people locked up... hey, buffet!

It appears Sylar is caught by the Company again (he was tied down with a tube going into his nose). He's seen verbally toying with Elle while he's laying on a table as well as when he's upright and dressed normally, though the context was all over the place so who knows which comes first. They have a confrontation. The way it was edited implied--to me, at least--that he kills her, but that could have been within the context of the dream sequence/time-jump. Probably so.

The BEST part was a a shot of Angela Petrelli in the asylum... and then hands coming up around her shoulders. The person behind her steps forward, and it's Sylar. Some of the other peeps in my party were taking that as confirmation that she's the Ev0l, but I figure that could just as well be her last minutes alive. There was an awful lot of her in the trailer too, actually, but she didn't look pleased by what was going on.

It's hard to describe it all and I know I'm not great at recounting it, but I was SO JAZZED to see this footage. I was shocked, because I wasn't expecting to be so impressed after the lackluster volume two. I CANNOT WAIT NOW. Get this ****** strike over with so we can make way for the win, plz

:wow: :wow:
WOW! That was really cool :up:
Good find.
It looks like Sylar prossibly kills Claire. It looks like the goodness we got back in season 1, cant wait to watch it.
I didnt think they would have any footage for volume three filmed yet, because of the strike. Nice looking stuff, though.
They had already filmed up to episode 15 before the strike officially started.
I heard "these people are dangerous, and powerful. Like 12 Sylar's running free"

and it looked like Sylar had gone after Ando.
They had already filmed up to episode 15 before the strike officially started.

If thats true, then I doubt that any of that footage will be in the actual volume three, aka. Its useless. :(
Not entirely true.

I'm sure if they've filmed four episodes, not everything will be scrapped. That's a lot of wasted time and money down the drain.
Looks great, but I doubt Claire will be offically dead. Most likely a glimpse into the future that sets up our story. But they better not kill of Elle that quickly. She is to wicked to kill off.
It did sorta look like claire but why would she be wearing the Union Wells High School cheerleading outfit again?
Angela didn't seem too frightened when Sylar touched her shoulder. I wonder if this means that they are working together now? If they aren't working together then they better reveal her damn ability because she was looking pretty stoic considering a lethal killer was standing right behind her.

BTW nice find SuperT. At least now we have soem material to speculate about.
Wow, that was awesome. It seems season three might get things back on track after the slightly disappointing season 2.
Awesome...I wonder if Sylar gets Angela or if she is working with him!
There is no way Claire would let Sylar kill her off that easy.. She already knows to much about him and what he is capable of doing.
She wouldn't have to let him. She couldn't stop him if she tried.
Looks like volume 3 will be better than the disappointing volume 2. I hope so, anyway.
Considering Hayden has a five season contract, I doubt she dies. If Claire dies, I'll stop watching, anyway.
Sylar's played out. I really hope he dies at the end of this chapter.

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