Wally West?


Jan 8, 2005
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I'm sorry to bother you all with this but what's his current status?
No one knows. He's MIA since the Flashes pushed Superboy Prime into the Speed Force.
He's currently getting raped by the writers of the Flash TV series.

Urm, I mean, I shouldn't hold out judgement till I have read the comic.
And this coming month all the comics are moving 1 year in advanced?
They all moved forward a year in March.
The latest TT i got said it was happening this coming month, does it happen at different times?
What's the latest Teen Titans you got?

The one year later and current Teen Titans issues is #34.
What was the latest issue of TT you got? Because TT already jumped ahead one year later with a new team and everything.
I have #33 with nightwing and sb on the cover.
They are kind of building a new team now, but at the moment it is;

Robin (Tim), Cyborg, Ravanger (Deathstrokes daughter) and Kid Devil (Blue Devil's sidekick).

Though Wonder Girl hasn't officially rejoined yet.
Ok so where is bart and superboy and whats with the red on robin's costume?
Barts......missing. And Superboy....well, I hate to tell you this, but, he's dead.
He died in Infinate Crisis # 6. He destroyed Alex Luthors machine and died in the process. He saved the Universe. But....he may come back. You'll find out whenever you read TT #34 what I mean by that.

Bart's been missing scince IC #4, right? The Issue where Superboy Prime killed all those Titans. He and the other Speedsters tried to Trap SBP in the Speed force. He disapeared along with the Speed Force shortly after. Where is he now? WHo knows. Probally find out in future issues of TT or Flash which will be relaunced in the Summer. (He could very well be the new Flash. Who knows.)
Is it suspected that kid flash and flash are in the same place?
Anubis said:
Barts......missing. And Superboy....well, I hate to tell you this, but, he's dead.

You sounded like a doctor on ER.
It's possible. Though, I don't believe so. Flash and his family got pulled to "Somewhere Else" before the other Speedsters were able to drag SBP into the Speed Force. Bart went along with the Speedsters. I think he got absorbed into the Speed Force, and wherever the Speed Force went after that, is likely where Bart is as well. THough theres no telling where Wally is.
and what's happening in the current arc in titans?
Anubis said:
Funny you should say that, I'm watching ER right now.

It must have been an subconscious thing then.
They're basically trying to get the team back together and they are about to team up with the new Doom Patrol of which Beast Boy is now a member, to take on the new Brotherhood of evil. They are also trying to get Wonder Girl to rejoin, but she's still bitter over Conner's death and Robin's seeming abandonment of the team and her after the Crisis to run around the world with Batman and Nightwing for a year.

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