Warner Bros Remakes 'The Bodyguard'

Yeah, I hope this movie never gets made. The concept is cool, so maybe they could do like a sequel or something, but don't remake it.
jennifer hudson and daniel craig perfect choices!
Certain things need to just be left alone.

You go from Whitney….. to Cardi B.

Rihanna would’ve been a better choice for the sake of conversation.
Nothing against Cardi B but the girl would need to take acting lessons. I’ve seen her in two movies now and she wasn’t good in either.
I’d also throw Cynthia Erivo’s name into the mix but she wouldn’t need a bodyguard with those guns, haha.
Hahaha the sad part is that I believe this could happen.
Or it's a gay romance... Sam Smith and his body guard...him off 50 shades...

fair enough... there will be an audience for it...

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