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Batman Begins Was Millar in Batman Begins?


Hi! I like shorts!
Oct 28, 2003
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At the part when Batman is attached to the train and is swinging through the city, there was an extra I always thought looked familiar. After just now watching the movie again, I realized it looked like Millar. I searched for a thread, and could not find one.

Am I right or am I delusional?
You mean Frank Miller?

I'm confused.
Millar's a crazy man.....maybe he was in the Arkham scenes.....
I think I know who you're talking about. But I'm not sure if it was Miller or not.
if they mean Miller (with an E people...Millar's name is even pronounced differently for gods sake...like Mill-ar) he wrote Year One, DKR, DKSA, and is currently writing All Star Batman

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